Top 10 best effective yoga’s for a healthy and fit life.

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Top 10 best yoga’s for a healthy and fit life.

To keep our life healthy and going on, you need to make sure that you are keeping your body fit and are on proper schedule and hence here are 10 of the Yoga steps for healthy life style. Read below about yoga’s for a healthy and fit life

Yoga is the best way to relax your body and to loosen it up as well. You have various easy, medium to hard level exercise that you can go for. From your head to toe, all the nerves and veins are stretched which only makes you feel more and more relaxed. There are many common things about all the yoga asana for example, they increase the blood circulation, they stretch your body, and they also heal the sores and many other such things. 10 yoga’s for healthy life.

Triangle Pose:

This Yoga asana/pose is also known as Trikonasana. This Yoga asana is again of the body stretching exercise. It is not at all difficult and is in between easy and medium. This Yoga asana helps you strengthen your legs and knees, ankles arms and as well as your chest. This particular asana also helps you out with your hips, groins, hamstrings, calves, shoulders and chest. So if you are facing any of the problems in the above area, you should go ahead with the above Yoga asana. This asana also helps you with your digestion and reduces anxiety, stress, sciatica and back pain.

  • Downward Facing Dog:

    This Yoga asana is popularly known as Adho Mukha. This asana requires a lot of stretching as well and it is on the medium level. You can do this very easily and it can actually help you out in various ways. It again really tests your muscles and it can again help out your body o stretch. Here it increases the circulation to the brain and it helps you calm your mind and get rid of your headache, insomnia and fatigue. This asana also get you all energized and completely rejuvenated your body. It helps your spin, arms, shoulder, legs and feet. It also deals with your chest muscles increasing the lung capacity. It as well helps you tone your muscles.

  • Child’s Pose:

    This Yoga asana is also known as Shishu asana meaning child’s pose in Hindi/Sanskrit. This is a very easy level Yoga asana. This asana calms your nervous system. The best part about this yoga asana is that it does not require a lot of stretching or anything. It also helps you relax your back and it helps you with the constipation problem as well. Though, if you have any serious back or knee injury, this asana should be avoided including pregnant women. Also people with diarrhea should be careful and not go for this yoga asana.

  • Corpse Pose:

    This Yoga asana is knonwn as Shavasana. You just have to lie down and concentrate on your breathing. This will help you with your meditation and is an amazing breathing exercise. This is also a very easy level pose. It is best when you are going through stress. This is usually done at the end to calm your body and down and the yoga workout to sin in properly. It also reduces the blood pressure and helps you out with insomnia and anxiety.

  • Chair Pose:

    This Yoga asana is known as Utkatasana. It is also an asana between easy and medium level. This mainly helps you out to fix the lower body problems. It concentrated on your hips and strengthens the lower back and as well as your torso. It helps you tone your lower body as well. Though if there are people who have arthritis or sprained ankle, should completely avoid it. This asana is something very similar to doing squats.

  • Adamnitine Pose:

    This Yoga asana is popularly known as the Vajrasana. It as well an easy level asana and it does not require too much of stretching. This is supposed to be done usually after having your lunch or dinner and usually at the end or your workout routine. It helps a lot with your digestion and increases the blood circulation in the lower abdomen. It helps you with gas problem or pain. The nerves in your legs and thighs are strengthened and stretched. Those who have slip disc problem or issue; they should not go for it at all.

  • Cobra Pose:

    This Yoga asana is also known as Bhujangsana. It is an easy level yoga pose and can be done by anyone from 12 years old to someone who is 60 years old. It opens up your shoulders and as well your neck and tones your abdomen. It usually deals with your upper body. This yoga asana improves the flexibility and also improves the blood circulation. It does require stretching which further reduces your fatigue and stress. People who have problem of asthama should definitely go for this one.

  • Superman Pose:

    This Yoga asana is also known as Viparita Shalabhasana. It is a medium level asana. This as well stretches your muscles from your chest area to shoulders, arms, legs, abdomen and the lower back. It also tones your lower back. It also improves the blood circulation and it can as well be a really good workout for your abs and your stomach. On the other hand if you have just had an abdominal surgery or if you are pregnant then you should totally avoid this asana as well.

  • Bow Pose:

    This Yoga asana is also known as Dhanurasana. It is a medium to hard level yoga asana. It helps you strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and it also helps you out with your reproductive system. It tones your muscles from the arms and legs and adds flexibility to your back. It is good for stress and is also a fatigue buster. It also helps you with kidney disorders and relives menstrual discomfort and as well as constipation

  • Boat Pose:

    This yoga pose is also known as the Naukasana. It is a medium to hard level asana. It is useful for people who have hernia and this as well helps you strengthen your muscles all over. Though people who have spinal disorder should not really practice it.