An insight into women’s depression- how to overcome it

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An insight into women’s depression- how to overcome it

Depression is gradually becoming a world-wide recognized problem or a clinical illness. Which is receiving special attention, especially with the cases of depression slowly rising all around the world. Women are twice as more prone to depression than men and with so many cases being poured out of households and workplaces. There needs to be a special kind of sensitivity that needs to be given to this issue. There is still a taboo that is attached to depression and it is important that one needs to understand that it is something that can happen to anyone and one needs to be aware of such a thing.

It has been said that there are certain psychosocial and biological factors that pre-dispose women to depression. Women who have been through some kind of traumatic event in the past are at a higher risk of facing depression than the others. There are certain fluctuations in hormones like increased cortisol levels and the postpartum period. Which can be anything between one to 4 weeks) are some of the risk factors that women are exposed to.

What effect does it have on your body and mind?

A person with depression lacks interest in activities finds it difficult to concentrate. Remember details and making any kind of decisions. A sinking feeling of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, pessimistic behavior and irritation are all common problems associated with this. It has been shown that about 15 per cent of people with depression have suicidal tendencies. There could be polarizing effects one can feel like either sleep disturbances and waking up early or excessive sleeping, over-eating or complete appetite loss, persistent aches and headaches are some of the common ailments.

How to overcome it?

The most ideal way to do this would be exercise regularly, take part in social activities, get all the love and support from your family. Do things that make you feel more connected to everyone else and yoga. Which is becoming one of the best ways to treat these kinds of mental ailments. However, depression can be severe in some cases and it is essential that one resorts to psychotherapy or medication for a period of time. There are some patients who do not respond to conventional forms of treatment. There are other treatments like magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy and vague nerve stimulation.

Therefore one particular kind of treatment which has proven to be most effective is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. It is effective for people who do not want to be a part of conventional medication. MBCT is known to be as effective as medication and at the same cost. There have been numerous studies to substantiate this. It has been proven by taking into account adult’s cases with depression and how they have overcome it with MBCT. Because it has also known to prevent relapse rates as much as with conventional medication. In fact a percentage or two lower than conventional medication. Depression is an illness but it should be treated with love and a certain amount of care.