The 3 Week Diet


Some of the easy diet tips that can be followed in your regular routine to reduce weight are discussed below. Often have fruit or a small snack in your purse. Go Light! If you the product that you want have a light version, try it! Set your times to eat: Try to often have the breakfast every day in the same time just about every day, the same matter for the Lunch, dinner and the snacks. Eat slowly and chew well your food. Drink your water cold and take cold baths: The body will need to spend more calories to raise the temperature of the water. Eat more vegetables and fruits, they have a lot of fiber!

Whole grain foods

Prefer the whole grain foods. Use the peel of fruits too, normally they have more fiber! Don’t eat much salt. Try new seasonings. Start with the salad! This way you will a lot less when the main dish comes. Use light dressings in your salad. Stay away from the fast food places. Don’t drink beer or other alcoholic beverages. If you exaggerate in the calories in one day, don’t be sad, just go lighter in the next day. Vary your diet plan. Don’t eat before going to bed. Use sweetener. Drink green tea! Put together yourself for events: This is an important weight loss tip, especially in the end of year. If you have a party, try to eat something before leaving your home. Enjoy your food! Non factor is forbidden: Eat your favoured dish occasionally will only help you. Don’t limit yourself of every single food that you like.

If you have to eat a chocolate in a day, eat after your meal. Try to eat a fruit 40 minutes before your meal, especially apples. Don’t drink coffee at night. Drink more coconut water! Eat diuretics foods, like watermelon. Try not to eat sausages, salami or any salty food. When you are hungry out of the meal time, try to drink a frosted glass water first, many times it’s only thirst. Only because you eat one candy, you don’t need to eat the whole box. Eat more proteins at night instead of carbohydrates. Often let jell in the freezer. Cut the fruits and let in the freezer, it will make easier to eat them. Buy a juicer, and try different juices.


Do physical exercises at least 3 times per week. If your work is not that far, let the car in the garage and walk. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, buy an equipment and use at home. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Vary your pace in the bike on your walk. When watching TV, go to the TV and transform the channels instead of employing the distant handle. Don’t let the lazy ruin your ideas, take a cold bath or drink an energetic drink and go work out. Play with your son or nephews. Go with your friends to play a match of tennis, Volley ball or soccer.

Start slow:

If you don’t do physical exercises in a long time, start slow and don’t exaggerate in the weight. Eat before and after of the physical exercises. Choose the right tennis. Choose a sport that you like. Watch out with your posture. Do weight training too! Use your lunch hour to work out if you don’t have time. Stretch in your bed when you wake and before rest. Go to events and boogie a lot! Use the weekends to do trails, go to the beach or parks. Live each day!!