Planned Weight Loss with Yoga

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Planned Weight Loss with Yoga

There are many reasons why people lose weight. Planned Weight Loss with yoga is a Weight Loss characteristic where you plan and put out effort to lessen some of your body masses or body weight. Mostly it is for personal reasons and it typically has positive outcomes to individuals as there are many health benefits an Intentional Weight Loss may bring to a person. Improvement in Lipoproteins, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, and Insulin resistance are some of the benefits of Intentional Weight Loss. In addition, this will reduce the risk of Osteoarthritis and its corresponding symptoms; it will also lessen the risk of cancers, and other chronic diseases. Aside from decreasing your health risk issues, another significant outcome of Intentional weight loss is the substantial change that happens to the body. Furthermore, it will boost your confidence because of your improved physical attributes.

One way for you to lose weight in a good way is by doing Yoga as this will aid you to shed those unwanted weights and will help you cultivate a good connection between your mind and body. This form of fitness regimen is a very good way to start your weight loss plan. Yoga is a good program to develop and enhance your flexibility and strength and will allow you to relax as well. Over time, your body will build up strength to your core and lower back muscles which are very beneficial as it will improve your posture.

Some of the poses that will highly aid you in losing weight are;


This is good for beginners and a recommended way for you to start your session. It will strengthen your arms, shape up your abs, and stretch your spine.

Downward Dog:

This is one of the popular pose as this will prevent any possible weight gain. It will also develop strength to your hamstrings.


Another good pose for losing weight. This pose will firm up your buttocks and will tone the abs area of your body. Cobra is good for people who are currently struggling with in their buttocks and belly area.

Rocking Boat:

This pose will burn fats in your back area which is a common problem area for many people. Repeat this pose about two to three times to give you better results.


This pose will help you to flatten your belly area and will tighten your abs as well. Another good thing about this pose is it will allow your body to relax and will decrease the production of Cortisol which increase belly fat.

Half Moon Pose:

This will tone you buttocks along with your upper and inner thighs. Also, it will aid in eliminating your love handles. Just ensure to not do this pose if you have health issue with your spine.

Warrior Pose:

This will make your back stretch and will strengthen your thighs, buttocks, and tummy. Just ensure that do this pose with the supervision of your teacher just to prevent any possible injury.


This pose will benefit the abdomen part of your body along with your arms and thighs.