Find the Best Weight Loss Program

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Find the Best Weight Loss Program

Year after year, millions of people enroll in various weight loss programs, for a million different reasons too. It’s important to find the best weight loss program for yourself. These are some of the available weight loss programs, one can choose from: 

Clinical Weight Loss Programs usually provided and run by medical practitioners, either in private practice or hospital-based, like dieticians, exercise therapists, medical doctors, social workers, and even psychologists. The common regimen for medically-inclined weight loss programs would include a very low- calorie diet. An intake of about 800 calories daily (400 calories lower than conventional diets). With this requirement, the dieter can quickly lose weight of about 5 pounds per week. This type of diet, however, is recommended for those people who need to immediately lose weight due to medical concerns.


Self-help Programs:

This is like Alcoholics Anonymous for the overweight. The main objective of this program is to psychologically and emotionally help the compulsive over eaters. Usually run by volunteer leaders, the system aims to hold regular meetings where members support each other by sharing success stories and moments of frustrations, offering tips of effective ways to lose weight discovered personally by members, and encouraging one another to achieve their objective of losing weight. So there are no specific steps to follow for this program as this is usually focused per individual needs of members.


Online Programs:

There are various websites and smartphone applications available for dieters to follow which are usually free to use. These websites and apps offer tools that allow dieters to track calorie intake, eating habits, exercise habits, pounds lost through a chart, etc These online programs also offer expert advice through email chat and there are those which support online discussions to share ideas. Each website and app also offer target-specific weight loss programs for men and for women, which would offer programs like low-carb diets, Mediterranean diets, or vegetarian diets and the like. Examples of these websites include Web MD, Nutri System, Spark People, Fit Day, eDiets. Effectivity is not assured but as long as these sites and apps will make you focus in eating less, in eating healthy, and exercising, then that is a positive thing already.


Commercial Programs:

This type of weight loss program charges fees and also holds regular meetings to provide support and encouragement among members. Diet programs here are being sold for a fee, and some popular commercial programs include Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. Members of these commercial programs usually attend meetings in person or online, if available.


Weight Watchers has about 25 million participants worldwide and members receive points-allotment to spend on food, which encourages members to eat healthy, nutritious, low-calorie food.


Jenny Craig however, operates centers where members can visit and be assiste by the centers’ personnel who are usually dieticians. So members receive individualized diet and exercise programs based on the members’ individual requirements.


For smartphone applications, some popularly used apps are the following: Calorie Counter by FatSecret; iTreadmill; CardioTrainer; Endomondo Sports Tracker; and Absolute Fitness. Definitely individualized in usage, effectively of these smart phone apps program will depend on the will of the dieter. As there are no personal instructor who will monitor and will push these dieters to the limit. So now you can find the best weight loss program.