Weight Loss: The Intentional and Unintentional Way

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Weight Loss: The Intentional and Unintentional Way

Weight Loss has a couple of reasons as to why it happens to people. Weight Loss can be Intentional or Unintentional. This article will help you understand the different possibilities as to why people are losing weight. And the scenarios are so surprising; it would or may leave you speechless. Many individuals have issues on weight, may it be weight loss or weight gain. Take a look at these characteristics that may guide you on how to live a healthy lifestyle. This article will also help you understand what Intentional Weight Loss and Unintentional Weight Loss means.


This type of weight loss may be an outcome from losing fats from the body, fluids, or some muscle atrophy. In other words, it is due to some medical condition that cannot be helped. Typically malnutrition is the cause of weight loss which means the amount of nutrients that the body needs are not being supplied to the body. If there are changes in metabolism, hormones, medical treatments, or appetite reduction then these can lead to unintentional weight loss as well.

When a person keeps on losing weight, it may lead to deterioration that is called Cachexia. Meantime Anorexia Cachexia is a more advance condition of unintentional weight loss where in not even extra nutrition and supplements are no longer working because the body is not responding anymore. This is a very severe condition of weight loss. These medical conditions can affect a person’s immunity system. The body’s ability to heal wounds, strength of the muscles, and even menstruation in women.

Social conditions can definitely be a vital reason for unintentional weight loss. Some of these conditions are poverty where in a person is unable to prepare the food they need and prefer. Dental health problems can also affect weight loss.


This type of weight loss means a person exerted effort to improve either his health or to achieve a slender body frame. This may also change the physical appearance of a person in a positive way. If the right amount of weight is taken off the body. This is crucial to a lot of individuals since many make the mistake of engaging in crash diets.

Normally losing weight under this type produces positive outcomes. Individuals with weight issue will reduce any possible health risks and prevent the dreaded Diabetes. It can also help in the declineof high blood pressure. Losing weight in this category is consuming energy in the body which has a higher rate than the consumption of food which is a good thing. People who have their ideal weight does not proceed to lose weight. But instead maintain where they are by balancing the food they take and regular activities like exercises. There are some who goes through intentional weight loss to improve their physical appearance to a level of how they perceive being attractive.

People who follow the right amount of nutrients intake are usually the ones who are able to achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Thus giving them a very good opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle.