Is it dangerous for kids to wear spectacles at an early age

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Is it dangerous for kids to wear spectacles at an early age

This is a common debate on whether you should wear spectacles at an early age or not. There is a common misconception which is circling around. Which states that people who wear spectacles right from an early age are more prone to bad eye-sight or in some cases, might even lead to blindness.


There have been several studies which have suggested that about 30% of the people living in the state of Karnataka feel that their eye sight will deteriorate with prolonged use of spectacles. Similarly, about 69% people living in Pakistan felt the same way and in some countries like Brazil. Even the medical staff was under the impression that wearing spectacles for a long term could result in these consequences.

In reality, there is no causal relationship between wearing spectacles and loss of eye-sight. People have become more and more dependent on their spectacles in reality, their lens have become worse with age and therefore, their eye sight without the glasses has become worse. This is what leads them to conclude that wearing spectacles has caused them to lose their eye sight. This is the case with adults. However, this is not the case with children.

Corrected Vision of children

If you do not wear glasses or wear glasses which are not suitable for your eyes might have long term impacts. For many years, it was thought that the process of under-correcting for short-sightedness. Which was the idea of giving children weaker glasses than they actually needed might reverse the process and might slow down the elongation of the eyeball over time and as a consequence, reduce the progression of the myopia. This theory was however found to be drastically wrong as when children were tested for this purpose by making them wear glasses. Which were short-sighted, it was found that their eye sight was getting worse.

So what this study suggests is that it is a serious misconception that kids wearing spectacles at an early age will find their eye sight to be affected. In reality, the eye sight is being affected naturally with age as your lens continues to deteriorate and spectacles are needed in order to maintain the vision that you need. Conducting any sort of experiments with short-sightedness or long-sightedness will only adversely affect your eye sight and this is something that can lead to many more complications.


In conclusion, it is important to understand the need of the child. If the child finds a difficulty in vision. It is important to keep that in consideration more than anything else and work towards improving that and the only way to do that is by using spectacles. In addition to that, you should also make certain enquiries either from your health care provider or from other sources. As to what are the ways one can improve their eyesight. There are many natural ways available which can help you improve your eye sight and they should be explored as well.