Find Ways to Quick Weight Loss

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Find Ways to Quick Weight Loss

If obesity is a rampant sickness that affects millions of people worldwide, so does quick weight loss. Both can strike anyone at any age. You can find ways to quick weight loss!. If being obese has a downside to it. So does losing weight rapidly. Defining weight loss in medical terms. It means the reduction of a person’s total body weight. Weight loss can be categorized into unintentional weight loss and intentional weight loss.

Unintentional Weight Loss:

This is an unconscious way of losing weight. A symptom of unintentional weight loss, especially one that is drastic in nature, might be due to some medical condition. One should better consult a physician immediately if this occurs.

The following diseases complement the symptom of unintentional, yet, fast weight loss:


  • Tuberculosis or TB. The best way to treat tuberculosis is with a constant medical treatment that could last at least six months.
  • Various forms of cancer can lead to unintentional, fast weight loss. Treatment would include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
  • When too much thyroid hormone is in the bloodstream, this condition occurs. Medications that decrease the thyroid hormone in the bloodstream can cure this disease.
  • Maintenance of one’s blood sugar levels is important for this dreaded disease. Constant medication, strict diet and exercise can help.
  • Psychological or mental disorders can also contribute to unintentional, fast weight loss like anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia usually strikes teenage girls. Anorexia nervosa is define as a psychiatric condition that promotes an eating disorder brought about by a negative or distorted body image that would lead to an obsessive fear of gaining weight.


Intentional Weight Loss:

This means a conscious effort to lose weight be it for medical reasons or just for personal reasons including maintaining a healthy body and promoting a healthy lifestyle. A normal or healthy weight is determined by computing a person’s Body Mass Index (or BMI). Which is the proportion of a person’s height and weight. Maintaining a normal BMI will lead to a healthy lifestyle. A lot of weight loss programs are available to assist an individual who is intereste to reduce weight in a healthy manner.

This programs include commercially available programs, self-help programs, online (websites and smartphone applications) programs, and clinical programs. Losing weight is such a big industry that is estimate to be worth around $33 Billion worldwide. These weight loss programs may include diet plans, taking weight loss drugs or products like vitamin and mineral capsules and tablets or powdered drinks, using devices, and applying of weight loss creams or voodoo magic spells, and popular exercise regimens by various famous personalities.


The effectivity and safety of these programs will greatly depend upon the individual dieter using such programs. Dietary supplements are also being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure safe products are being sold in the market. But still, the ideal weight loss should be at least 2 to 3 pounds lost per week. If quick weight loss occurs even with intentional, regulated use of weight loss regimens, this symptom is still dangerous and unhealthy.


Risks of Intentional Quick Weight Loss:

The drastic change in body weight demands physical pressure to cope with this sudden weight change or weight loss. Risks include the following:


  • Dehydration, which can be avoided by regular drinking of water and plenty of it.
  • Gallstones might develop for those who lose weight over several months.
  • Other side effects include irritability, menstrual irregularities for women, dizziness, headache, fatigue, constipation, loss of hair as well as muscle.


A word of advice, though, is to include your doctor once you start doing a regular weight loss program in order to avoid health complications in the future and achieve that healthy body that you’ve always desired. So now find the ways to quick weight loss!