Run Your Way to Fitness

The 3 Week Diet

Run Your Way to Fitness

Exercising is the best way to fat reduction. It is the safest way to loose those extra kilos and get back in shape. Therefore, run your way to fitness. Researchers say that a brisk walk of 30 minutes a day is enough to keep your metabolism high and hence keeping you on the right track to loose weight. If you have been thinking why is that your weight is increasing when you are eating exactly the same amounts of food that you used to, the answer is simple your physical activity has reduced. The impact of physical activity is good for overall wellbeing of a person. So next time you take your wheels out to the store or school make sure you prefer walking over driving!

These small changes in your lifestyle are enough to keep you physically active. Being physically active makes sure that your body is not keeping any extra fats stored in your body. Regular fat burning is important when it comes to maintaining your body weight. Also one more thing is important here; when you start exercising calculate your BMI which stands for Body Mass Index. The formula to calculate your BMI is: divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres. This would help you to see what exactly you need to do in order to start getting fit again. Once your BMI is known to you make sure to plan an exercise routine for yourself in order to get the things going for you. BMI helps in knowing whether you need to loose weight or what should be the exact value of BMI you need to maintain.

Calculate BMI on your own:

BMI = (Total weight in Pounds/Height * Height (in inches)) *703


BMI = Total weight in Kilograms/ Height *Height (in inches)


While making the changes in your routine make sure to include the following points:

  • Do the exercise that suits you the best. Exercise is just a way to keep you fit. So you do have a choice in this.
  • You can go for a walk or play a sport you like playing. Yes it truly can be anything that you like to do the most. Just make sure it is an active outdoor sport and nothing of indoor sitting types.
  • Get some fresh air.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by consuming enough water.
  • Do not over exercise and burn yourself out.
  • Be sure to include a balanced diet in your routine.
  • While burning fats, proteins are required. So make sure you intake proteins fairly in your diet.
  • Stay away from alcohol or smoking.

Benefits of exercising

  • It keeps you happy.
  • Exercising helps you relax and take everything easy.
  • It helps combat depression.
  • You can take out your aggression.
  • Makes you feel fresh and confident.
  • It makes sure you enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Keeps the lungs clean.
  • Increases activity in the brain.
  • Learning skills are sharpened.
  • Helps you to stay calm and composed.
  • Lets you enjoy your time alone.
  • It is important to your well being.


Therefore, run your way to fitness!