Wait Before You Lose Weight

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Wait Before You Lose Weight

So you want to lose weight? If ever you decide, and that means, you really, really are determined, to lose those excess fat, experts advice that you need to do some careful considerations and preparations before immediately plunging into doing the things you need to do to lose weight. Your immediate action would usually be abruptly changing your diet, or instantly enrolling in a gym . Especially when you were told that your crush is also enrolled on the same gym class. Read below about the Wait Before You Lose Weight

Yeah sure, these actions usually help us lose weight. But then again it is not easy to immediately change our habits, especially those bad  habits that we know made us really gain weight, like eating those delicious sweet treats, indulging on carbohydrates, or lounging on our favorite couch. So wait before you lose weight  and doing some action. Think about these preparations before you begin your journey on losing those extra pounds:


  1. Visit your Doctor.

    Yes, it is true, and medically proven at that, being obese can lead to acquiring a variety of diseases and other not so likable health conditions, for example high cholesterol, high blood pressure and, diabetes just to name a few. Deciding to lose weight is the first process in avoiding such diseases. Next is to seek expert advice from your physician before you even try to hit the gym or to start cutting down on gulping those sinful calories. Allow your doctor to check on your blood pressure and find out about other details like your blood cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and your blood sugar.

  2. Your physician should give you the permission that you can now continue and implement a weight loss program that is specifically designed for you and your body type. Who knows your doctor may offer you some tips for starting a more effective weight loss exercise regimen.
  3. When you allow your doctor to check on your current health status before you begin a weight loss workout is important. Because your physician will have to know your. If you currently have heart problems, or your family’s health history might include cardiovascular diseases. You may have joint problems. You may need to undergo additional laboratory testing before your doctor will allow you to start a strenuous weight loss program. It will also help if you will mention to your physician any medicines you are taking currently. Because you might be taking prescription drugs for antipsychotics, which may prevent your ability to gainfully lose weight.


  1. Think thin right from the start.

    Many prepared diets designed to shed pounds, sometimes are not proven to work to all people all the time. So, why not focus on being physically active, eating healthier, improving your health overall, instead of focusing primarily on specifically losing weight Always remember, that hereditary factors will definitely play a role in the type of your body structure and of your body weight. Also, when you compare your body to the body of a single, young girl. It will not be fair if you are someone who already gave birth to two or three kids. Using clothing size as a comparison to others will also give you a feeling of depression and self-defeat. So stop comparing and start thinking thin about yourself only.


  1. Be SMART.

    Set achievable goals before starting your specialized weight loss program. Goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound – SMART, right?! Write your SMART goals down. An example may be “to lose one pound within one week from the start of your workout regimen. ” Small steps and achievable goals will boost your confidence immediately. Also, try to set “Health Goals” like “to reduce cholesterol levels or blood sugar levels after one month. ” You’ll not only lose weight but you will also improve your overall health.


Knowing these tips, you are now ready to start losing weight. Do it for a healthier and a happier you.