how to treat viral infection?

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What to do with Viral Infection- Is medication the best option

Medication is not always the best option for these kinds of infections and adequate amount of rest and taking the right precautions can have wonderful benefits. Where your body will not feel the need for any kind of medication. It is always better to first try out the natural ways. As this also activates your body’s ability to fight infections in the future.

Viral infection  


A viral infection or in some countries, as it called the flu, is something that is not consider to be a very serious condition. There are people who, from time to time, are seen to be struck by this virus and it usually takes about 5-6 days for you to completely get rid of this infection and for the virus to leave your body. Opting for medication and using antibiotics has become the norm and there are many health-care providers. Which are against the viral infection. Because antibiotics are meant for bacteria and very few people with the flu usually carry bacteria.

A lot of experts have also said that antibiotics should not be used as an only option. As the bacteria present in your body can become used to antibiotics and when there is actually a need for them, not prove to be effective. There are viruses of different kinds- gastro-intestinal viruses and viruses of the airways. Which are the most important and the most common, because it is these viruses which cause fever and extreme fatigue.

There are ways you can treat this flu even without medication and some of the ways are mentioning below. It is important to understand flu has a natural time period before it leaves your system and medication usually hampers the natural process. So in a way, it is not curing you of your flu but delaying the process. It has been found that people who have let the virus run its natural course, have not contracted the virus for a much longer period of time than those who have relied heavily on antibiotics.

        Treatment for viral fever :
  • One of the most important ways to treat this viral is to get plenty of rest. It is important that your body naturally recuperates and you conserve as much energy as possible.
  • It is always advisable to drink clear fluids like water, sports drinks, electrolyte-filled beverages so that you remain hydrated.
  • When you have high fever, it is important that your body remains cool and placing a cold towel over your forehead, arms and legs will reduce the discomfort that one feels with fever.
  • If you do not have one, placing a humidifier in your room will enhance the breathing process. Apart from this, a humidifier has many other benefits.
  • You almost always develop a sore throat, when you have a fever and it is always beneficial. If you can gargle salt water to warm water in the ratio of 1:1.
  • Your body experiences cold and hot during the course of this fever. It is better to keep yourself covered during the chills.