Yes, cruel cancer has types too!

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Yes, cancer has types too!

DISCRIPTION-As shocking as it sounds, like you’re any other normal Sunday dessert, there are different types of cancer too. Yes it is true and it is something really sad at the same time.Read here about types of cancer

  • As the time is changing and the world is growing, we have started to notice that a lot of negative things related to health are growing too. And so one of the things is cancer. Not to scare you, but now you can have eye cancer to leg cancer. You can have a whole list of cancer from A to Z.
  • Shocking? Yes. Scary? Yes. But the good part is that with and as the doctors and scientists are seeing a growth, they are also finding solutions and they have found various solutions to it too. You do not have to worry as you would have to worry earlier otherwise. Here are some of the different types of cancer though:
  1. Brain Cancer
  2. Thyroid Cancer
  3. Thymus Cancer
  4. Testicular Cancer
  5. Vaginal Cancer
  6. Wilms Tumor
  7. Leukemia
  8. Kidney Cancer
  9. Eye Cancer
  10. Esophagus Cancer
  11. Gallbladder Cancer
  12. Anal Cancer
  13. Bone Cancer
  14. Breast Cancer
  15. Bladder Cancer
  16. Lung Cancer
  17. Liver Cancer
  • And many such other types. The basic way to find out if you have cancer or not is by checking the symptoms. There are symptoms like you are feeling way too tired way too often even when you have not really worked that hard lately. You are basically fatigue. Also you start to lose out on a lot of weight. And yes something like this happens without a lot of dieting or unknowingly skipping lunches and dinners. You just randomly start to lose out on your weight. And not like 3 or 5 KGs but a lot of it in fact like around 10 KGs or more.
  • You can also check and see if you have any lumps. Now not most of these lumps are related to cancer but they are a sign sometimes for it. You can see it online about if and how to check it and how to go about it. There are also times when you have been passing blood in your stool or pee. This also needs to be checked as it can be a sign of cancer. Certain changes in your breasts, for both men and women, can be questionable. You should instantly go for a check-up if you find any of it suspicious.
  • If you have changes with your mouth or you are having troubling swallowing then it can also be a sign. As well as changes in your skin can be a sign. For example, you see a mole developing and it feels really suspicious, then you should totally consider a doctor because it can be troublesome.
  • Cancer is not something you are supposed to be careless and carefree about. It is something really big and you don’t have to be scared anymore because there are solutions out there too.