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New-born jaundice occurs when the baby’s liver has a difficult time processing bilirubin, a waste product resulting from the breakdown of red blood cells. Usually, bilirubin is flushed out through bodily wastes but sometimes a baby’s liver cannot do an efficient job of processing this substance. The best-known sign of jaundice is a yellow colouring of the skin and eyes, which may manifest in the days after birth.

Usually, new-born jaundice isn’t a major concern and in mild cases the condition may resolve within a couple weeks. Changes in feeding may be recommended in some cases; for example, the doctor may recommend the baby be fed more or be breastfed rather than bottle fed. In some instances, it is actually the breast milk causing the jaundice, in which case the doctor may recommend formula.

Moderate to severe cases may require additional therapy.

When the liver has been overburdened, it is then that it shows signs of not doing its job the way it should and for the reason it is there. This means, when the liver doesn’t function well, there are harmful toxins that find their ways into the bloodstream of the body. That is why we turn a shade of yellow when jaundice strikes us. There are patients who only have their eyes turn yellow, and not the whole body. And the sickness can make an individual feel bogged down and fatigued at the same time. The liver loses its control to do its job, and the body breaks down. There are antibiotics that can help but not without side-effects. Hence, to stay in good shape and be healthy the natural way, here are few Home Remedies for Jaundice which you can use.

Remedies at home

A cup of papaya leaves should be ground and to that raw honey should be added. This potion should be taken twice a day, till jaundice leaves the body

Lemon leaves from a young lemon tree should be plucked, washed and boiled. Strain the leaves and let the water settle. Drink it four to five times a day, and the jaundice would go.

Half a teaspoon of turmeric with a cup of normal temperature water, drunk thrice a day would help with jaundice treatment too

Juice three tomatoes and drink the juice on empty stomach early morning. You can add salt and pepper to it if you like. Grandmas across the globe swear by this remedy, which has successfully worked wonders for many


Barley has properties to heal, especially when it is boiled. Boil barley and strain it, and have the water thrice a day, to get rid of jaundice.

Plenty of water and fresh juices sans sugar would be great to have when suffering from jaundice.

Remember, if you feel very weak and too fatigued or vomit before leaving the bed, a doctor should be called in at once. In some cases, medical intervention is needed, especially for infants and pregnant mothers.

It would be wise to check with your doctor, since he would know the medical history of the family or the patient better than anyone else. The information on Home Remedies for Jaundice given here or anywhere else is purely based on research. The doctor’s word would finally take precedence over what is here.