21 Top Tips for a Tip-Top Shape

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21 Top Tips for a Tip-Top Shape

Your weight loss program was effective at the start but after some time, you begin to lose steam and back track. Now, you feel like losing weight is like a fashion trend, when a new program is catching the trend, you are bound to ditch your current regimen. You might find the 21 top tips for a tip-top shape below helpful in your battle against the bulges:

  1. Eat your breakfast:

    Yes it may mean that losing weight means eating less but it is important to eat your breakfast. You will need the energy for the day’s activities.

  2. Don’t gobble up:

    When eating desserts, nibble only three bites and then stop, don’t finish the whole portion.

  3. Keep the fire burning:

    During gym exercises, rest for no more than 30 seconds between exercises to increase your calorie burn.

  4. Ditch “midnight snacks”:

    Since your metabolism will slow when you are actually sleeping, making this activity a fat-storing, rather than a fat-burning, activity. Try to stop eating at least 3 hours before your bedtime.

  5. Use the dumbbells:

    Using dumbbells when you exercise will not only add lean muscle and tone to your body, it will also help increase your metabolism because you are adding a strength component to your exercise regimen.

  6. Hungry?

    Eat only when you are hungry, not when you are craving for food.

  7. Sleep well:

    Get up to 8 hours of sleep, experts advise, because it reduces your stress, and also a lack of sleep increases your ghrelin, an appetite hormone, which leads to weight gain.

  8. Prepare own food:

    Instead of eating out, prepare your own food which you can decide to be those that are healthy and nutritious for you.

  9. Green start:

    When eating, start with vegetables first so you will feel full and eat less of the sinful food in front of you.

  10. Check your weight:

    Regularly check your weight and do not rely on merely observing your figure on the mirror. The numbers will tell you the truth.

  11. Eat regularly:

    Eat something in small, snack portions every 3 or 4 hours so you can resist the temptation to eat in huge portions.

  12. Mind your goal:

    Set a goal and stick with it, no matter what. This will prevent you from back-tracking on your weight loss

  13. Stay firm:

    Be hard on yourself. Changing your habits, from bad to good, is difficult and uncomfortable but the results would definitely be a better reason to leave your comfort zone.

  14. Create a “cheat day”:

    Schedule a day in a week, and stick with it, when you can eat one sinful food you crave for. This will prevent you from trying to eat that specific sinful food every day.

  15. Keep track:

    When you regularly check your weight, take notes also about your food intake. This way you will know the reason why you lost or gained weight.

  16. Shop when you are full:

    If you are hungry when you are buying your groceries, chances are you will be picking a lot of food not listed on your grocery list.

  17. No soda:

    Soda will prevent your muscles from burning fat.

  18. Go nuts:

    Enjoy the family of nuts and seeds as they are rich in lean proteins and will make you feel full.

  19. Reduce salt and carbonated drinks:

    Sodium holds water in your body and carbonated drinks can make your stomach bloat.

  20. Carb-free PM:

    It may be difficult but, no intake of carbohydrates after lunchtime can help you lose weight.

  21. Take a walk:

    After each meal, try walking for 15 minutes. This will help you quickly burn 100 calories.