Swine flu Protection

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Swine flu Protection :-


The need of Swine flu Protection because cases of swine flu coming in light every day. We need to take precautions. There are many medicines available for swine flu, but the best prevention remedy is real simple.  This flu is mainly spread from human contact. Keeping & maintaining hygiene is the key to be safe from swine flu. The simplest thing you can do is wash your hands with soap and water whenever you come back home. These viruses can survive for a few minutes on any hard surface like hands, door knobs, etc. and can easily get infected again. These viruses can enter your body from mouth, nose or eyes with the help of your hands. Try to avoid touching your hand on your face as it may help the virus to spread.

Washing Hands

Washing hands to prevent the infection from spreading and may save your life. You must always wash your hand before eating, after using the toilet, or after any outdoor activity. This will not only save you from swine flu but also from other infections. Sanitizer are also effective in killing germs and virus.  Even your gloves can’t stop the transmission of the virus.

  • You need to scrub your hands with soap and warm water. This takes away oils and germs from the skin and you must wash it for at least 20 seconds to kill germs.
  • Paper towel must be used while touching handles. This protects you from germs on touching point like knobs, faucet etc.

Prevention and control

Air is the best carrier for the germs and viruses. It enters the air as people sneeze or cough and enter the person nearby through the air they breathe. As the density of these molecules is higher so they settle down fast and can only stay in the air or travel in air up to three feet. It’s difficult to catch flu in open space than the closest one. Always cover your face with a hand, tissue or mask while you sneeze and use sanitizer after it. This way you can avoid spreading infection.  If you feel sick, You must stay home. For one to four days you can act as a transfer agent for flu. Till you stop coughing and sneezing, you must try to stay at home and rest.

Babies and elderly people are more vulnerable to flu as their systems are weak. Flu viruses can affect their respiratory system and other organs too. This is the reason that people with organ diseases catch virus fast. People who have a weak immune system must wear mask on face or should not visit high movement area. Always take healthy food. Eat fruits and vegetable to improve your immune system. Take multivitamins daily. Exercise regularly, Light exercise done daily can help to strengthen your immune system. These small steps will not only help you prevent swine flu but also from all other infections too. You must try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a long and happy life.