Super foods help you lose weight!

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Super foods help you lose weight!

You must have heard the term super foods many times. The right meaning of this term is actually something other than what the marketing world implies.  They not only help you loose weight but also help combat many deadly diseases which have increased in susceptibility in the past few years. One such example is cancer. It has become the most dreaded disease in the last decade. So I have a list of some super foods for you to help you see the many benefits of loosing weight the healthy way. Let’s start with fruits.


Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants. The most special one is lycopene which is hard to be found in other foods. It helps the skin by guarding against the harmful Ultra Violet Rays. Tomatoes fights against cancer causing cells. It also aides to lower the cholesterol levels in body. It is found to be full of potassium and vitamin C apart from the natural fibre content.


The colour blue is particularly eye catching in these berries. The majority of phyto-nutrients present in blueberries is said to eliminate free radicals which are responsible for skin aging and cell damage. Other than these amazing health benefits they help to reduce the waist size quicker than other foods.


If you are truly tired of eating spinach and are looking for something different, try kale. It is indeed better than spinach and is rich in phyto-nutrients which help fight cancer and reduce weight. It helps liver to produce special enzymes which help fight cancer cells.

Black beans

They are not that common among the superfoods but are very rich in protein. Protein has the ability to burn fat at a faster rate. They are also full of fibre which keeps the heart and liver in good health.


Broccoli is also one super food which is rich in phyto-nutrients. They help in fighting tumors and cancers of all sorts. Adding broccoli to your food ensures your weight loss is done in a healthy manner.


This super food is loved by almost everyone. Full of ‘omega-3 fatty acids’ it ensures blood circulation and reduces inflammation. It also reduces cancer risk and contains selenium which reduces skin damage.


Full of fiber oats make sure your stomach feels full and cared for. These are full of magnesium, phyto-nutrients and potassium to ensure good health. These help prevent heart diseases and help in regulating blood sugar levels.


Lentils work over your belly fat. If you eat lentils they take care of your bloods sugar levels and hence help in combating type-2 diabetes.


Consuming plain yogurt ensures that your diet is full of proteins. It helps to keep the hunger away by balancing the blood sugar levels. So next time you feel like binging on food make sure you include yogurt in your diet.

Avocado and Olive oil

Eat avocado in small quantities as they do contain fat but these fats are monounsaturated and hence are not supposed to harm your dieting plan. Olive oil is the healthiest oil to include in your diet because it contains healthy fat that helps in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


These super foods will help you to lose weight effectively.