Super exciting foods for Weight Loss and Health

The 3 Week Diet

Super foods for Weight Loss and Health

Dieticians say, consume this super food for weight loss, are nutritious and help in the bone-building activity of our body, prevent the acquisition of chronic diseases,  aid in maintaining our mental alertness, assist in improving eyesight, and best of all, they lend a hand in preventing weight gain. So prepare your recipes now and start including these super foods in your diet for a healthier and slimmer you:


Nuts can usually help in your slimming program and almonds, in particular, can greatly assist you shed those extra pounds.


This fruit contains a lot of fat, yes, but healthy fat. The monounsaturated fat of the avocado contains a compound called oleic acid, which tells your body to say no to hunger. This fruit contains high fiber and protein which can melt belly fat so try eating half an avocado regularly.

Black Beans

Get a whopping 15 grams of protein from one cup of this superfood. Luckily, black beans have no saturated fat unlike other protein-rich food like red meat.


 Aside from helping you maintain the perfect figure of your body, this food can prevent or slow your body’s ageing process. One cup has 4 grams of fiber that can make you fell full and prevent you from eating more of the sinful food.


This is a cruciferous vegetable well-known for its power in preventing cancer and helps in losing weight too.

Brown Rice

 An alternative to white rice, brown rice is packed with fiber, contains “resistant starch” which boosts metabolism as well as burns fat. It is low in calories but is heavy and thus it makes one feel full.


This fruit is a great source of protein, fills you up or makes you feel full because it is 90% water, and helps you lose weight because it contains a compound that can lower insulin, a fat-storing hormone in your body.

Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea can help you burn fat and calories faster, and can also make you feel full just like water.

Kidney Beans

These red beans can give you protein and fiber and contains “resistant starch” which burns fat.


This is one healthy carb that will stimulate metabolism because it has “resistant starch” and also contains protein and fiber.


When you prepare your oatmeal, remember that one serving can make you feel full longer because it is rich in fiber.  This healthy carb diet, a half cup can contain 4.6grams of “resistant starch,” can burn fat because it increases metabolism.


This fruit is full of fiber and it is in the skin that contains the filling fiber that we need so avoid peeling your pear because one pear contains 15% of the recommended daily amount of fiber your body requires.


This whole grain is another diet-friendly food which helps you prevent a feeling of hunger. It is protein-rich which makes you full longer with fewer calories.


The meat of this fish can help you fell full without the guilt of adding fat to your body because it is a source of lean protein, unlike red meat. Just like the avocado, this is fully-packed with mono unsaturated fats, the healthy fat.


A famous antioxidant found in grape skin is resveratrol. One glass of wine can improve body’s calorie burning process for about 90 minutes.

Therefore, consume this super food for weight loss!