How a woman should stay healthy during pregnancy?

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How a woman should stay healthy during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an extremely important phase in a woman’s life. Perhaps the most important one and she needs to take care of herself during this time. There are many things that one is recommended to eat and not eat and one should be careful of what to eat and what not to.

A woman is often bombarded with questions regarding the dos and don’ts at the time she is pregnant. A woman needs to understand what is good for her body and her system and accordingly implement lifestyle changes.

Food for two:

When a mother is carrying a baby, it is important to understand that she must eat for 2 people. That doesn’t mean in quantity, but she should eat twice as much as healthy foods as possible which means that she needs more protein, more calcium, iron and folic acid. One needs to understand that the food that the mother eats is the main source of nutrients for the baby and therefore, it is essential that the calories are increased and a healthy balanced diet is maintained through the time. It needs to be coupled with regular exercise.

Ensuring Food hygiene:

It is extremely important that you ensure complete food hygiene while you are pregnant. This can carry potential health risks to your body. Listeriosis is an infection that is caused by listeria bacteria and can pose serious birth complications. Some kinds of foods should be completely avoided during this time which include pate of any type, unpasteurized milk, undercooked ready-to-eat meals, some kinds of chesses etc.

Reduce your alcohol and Caffeine intake:

Alcohol is a serious no-no when it comes to pregnancy. Any kind of alcohol you drink rapidly reaches your baby through your placenta. No one is completely sure about how much alcohol one should drink. So it is always advisable to cut off on it completely. Drinking heavily or getting drunk can led to learning difficulties for the baby as well as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Coffee, tea and other beverages are termed as mild stimulants and it is said that caffeine has the potential to lead to cases of miscarriage.

Rest is important:

It is extremely important to understand that your body needs some rest for the baby to feel rested. You might feel a little fatigue during the early years of your pregnancy. This is because there are high levels of pregnancy hormones which are circulating in our body. If you find yourself unable to sleep at night. It is advisable to sleep during the day, so that your body gets a sufficient amount of rest.


A mother should know what is important for her and her baby. Taking these precautions minimizes the risk of facing any kind of difficulties when it comes to the baby’s birth. As this article mentioned, at least for that period, you need to ensure that everything that is good for your system is being consumed in moderate quantities and ensuring good overall health.