Home Remedies for Sinus Congestion

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Home Remedies for Sinus Congestion

Have a blocked nose? Serious sinus congestion? Here are some home remedies to save you a trip to the doctor!


Almost every person at one point or the other suffers from sinus problems. From sinus drainage to sinus pressure and sinus infection to sinus congestion, there are a lot of names for it. But sinus problems mostly don’t need to be shown to the doctor as far as they’re not severe. Most of them can be solved at home using simple home remedies to clear sinus.

Sinus congestion :-

Sinus congestion and drainage due to sinusitis or allergies result in common symptoms such as ear pain and pressure. So it is important to treat the underlying sinus condition to get rid of the ear pressure. Keeping yourself well hydrated, drinking juice and herbal tea and taking a lot of rest can help. Also elevated rest postures and ear drops or oil can help with the ear pressure. You can apply a cold-pack to the affected ear area to reduce the pain.

Home remedies for nasal drainage

When it comes to the sinus affecting the nose, the home remedies for nasal drainage come in handy. Again, start with drinking plenty of water as it is the most common home remedy for sinus drainage relief. Lack of hydration can thicken the mucus and the membranes surrounding it causing more congestion and pain. So drinking a lot of fluids will help as it will make the mucus thin and flowing. Also, you should drink hot beverages at such times as they help in de congestion of the mucus by loosening them with the help of heat. Another idea is the steam treatment. Whether it may be taking a hot steamy shower, or using a steam machine or simply boiling water and taking in the steam, the heat from the steam really eases up things.

Also apart from this, you may try investing in a humidifier. Sinus problems worsen with the lack of humidity and moisture. If your air conditioner already has a humidity control option then you don’t need to buy a separate humidifier. Make sure the humidity level is proper, or during sinus problems, you can even raise it a bit. But it shouldn’t be too humid, or mites might infest your house, which are not a good thing for sinus.

Home remedy for sinus drainage :-

The central idea and the main home remedy for sinus drainage is to keep yourself warm. That does not mean that you have to turn on the heater and that’s it, you can roam around in a t-shirt. Contrary to that, let the room temperature be normal, do not alter it. Instead, wear some warm clothes yourself. A natural remedy for sinus drainage is keeping your house clean of any dust as they might irritate your sinus if inhaled and make the situations worse for you. Also, you should try to stay away from pollens or other allergic things, and keep the house well ventilated. A little common sense can ease your sinus problem and provide some comfort to you.