Even lemon has side-effects if consumed too much

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Lemon is known for its medicinal properties of which the most popular use is the treatment for scurvy. But despite that there are many problems that can surface if care is not taken considering the usage of lemons. 

Side effect of lemon you didn’t know about

We all have the habit of sipping upon plenty of lemon water on a daily basis. And we cant be blamed too, for it is a habit that is too easy to adopt. Moreover, we all have been taught how lemon can boost the mechanisms of our body. Though, lemon is widely known for its brilliant qualities. But have you ever wondered about the side effects of lemon you didn’t know about? Perhaps not. Because it is not much talked about yet there happens to be a good deal of them.

What are the side-effects of lemon?

  1. Tooth Erosion:

    One of the lesser known of body disorders, in the form of tooth erosion is a direct result of excessive consumption of lemons. This is a common knowledge that acids tend to erode our teeth with time. But it is often overlooked that lemons are filled with acids and every time we gulp it inside.We expose our teeth to them making them vulnerable and potential to succumb to these acids. Tooth erosion is one of those side effects of lemon you didn’t know about.

  2. Heartburn:

    IF you are suffering from symptoms like burning and unbearable pain in your heart. Then it must have been triggered by the drinking of excessive lemon. And if one happens to be affected by this problem of heartburn, then drinking lemon water is only going to aggravate this problem for you.

  3. Dehydration and incessant urination:

    Lemon water happens to be quite rich in the content of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is notoriously known for increasing the production of urine which sees fluid and sodium disappearing quickly from your body. Thus what you thought of as a way of rehydration could only end up leading you towards dehydration. A way to avoid this problem would be reduce the content of lemon, and consequently ascorbic acid, for maintaining the appropriate fluid level in your body.

  4. Irregular functionality of kidney and gall bladder:

    The bark and peels of your lemon is also high in concentration of oxalates. These oxalates become dangerous to the body once they start accumulating in the body. Which causes plenty of health concerns and problems mostly because of their crystallization. Adding to this, these oxalates also hinder the absorption of calcium by the body. These is one of the important side-effects of lemon you didn’t know about.


Blame it on the medicinal properties of lemon that combine to form a defense against scurvy or the ignorance of doctors and people in whole that we fail to see that even lemon can be dangerous if not used judiciously.

How to avoid the ill-effects from lemon?

  1. One of the major things that a person should do is consult their physician. If they are opting to take lemon water for any medical condition. Without doing that, consumption of lemon is going to be a very risky proposition.
  2. Another important and a good habit to develop is to add lesser amounts of lemon juice in your water. Because vitamin C(which lemon is full of) happens to be a very unstable product. When it reached the body and can be disturb the body equilibrium.

All in all, drinking lemon ensures good and healthy body. But consume it excessively, and you will be prone to side-effects of lemon you didn’t know about.