Scarlet Fever Rash in Adults

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 Scarlet Fever Rash in Adults

Have you ever wondered that the scarlet fever your child is suffering from can affect you too? Read to find out Scarlet Fever Rash in Adults.

scarlet fever rash in adults

scarlet fever rash in adults

Title: Scarlet Fever Rash in Adults

Scarlet fever used to a disease that was highly feared of in the past few decades. It used to cause a lot of deaths back then and medical science also had not progresses so much as to invent a proper cure. But now there are medicines available for all illnesses and scarlet fever is not a nightmare anymore. With the progression of medical science, new medicines and antibiotics have been developed which provide fast and full cure from the disease.

Scarlet fever is caused by an infection of the streptococcal bacteria. This bacteria is the same one which causes strep throat. Scarlet fever starts with sore throat and fever, followed by a rash. Scarlet fever normally occurs in children aged four to fifteen, but that doesn’t mean adults are safe from the disease. It is a disease caused by bacterial infection. Scarlet fever is highly contagious. If the immune system of an adult person is weak due to some reason, he can also catch this disease. In scarlet fever in adults rash is the same, along with more or less the same symptoms.

Scarlet fever :-

Scarlet fever is bacterial and hence contagious and is spread through the air by coughing, kissing, or even touching. Symptoms include severe throat pain which becomes worse during swallowing, headache, body ache and fever. The scarlet fever rash in adults appears usually after a day or two. The rash goes away by the fifth or the sixth day and in a week or two the skin starts peeling, like a sunburn.

Scarlet fever rash in adults :-

Adults can catch this disease if their immune system is weak. The immune system can become weak due to a lot of reasons. As people grow older, their immune system gets weaker and so they are at high risk of catching scarlet fever. People who have an HIV infection also have a weak immune system and can be a prey to this disease. Apart from this, people undergoing chemotherapy and some other particular medications are also at risk of this disease.

In scarlet fever rash adults should not delay treatment and they should seek medical help immediately. Also, scarlet fever rash in adults can go away with proper treatment course of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. If any adult contracts scarlet fever, then he must seek proper treatment and should avoid going out for three days until the infection has completely been cleared out of his body. This insures that no one else comes in contact with the bacteria. The scarlet fever rash Treatment rarely leaves any permanent marks behind so it should not be a concern. Also, prevention is better than cure, so make sure you maintain a proper diet and a healthy and hygienic lifestyle to avoid becoming prey of any such disease. Also, visit your doctor immediately if you encounter any uncommon symptoms.