Efficient Home remedies for pimples.

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Home remedies for pimples

Description: – We all have only one problem on our face that we usually face right before we have to go for a party or any big event, a pimple. It is like this big mountain kind of thing on your face which you feel is between your beauty and your face. You are constantly battling to find out the best way to get rid of this pimple from your face.

Get rid of that fit fat pimple?

Having a pretty face is pretty hard to maintain. We have a lot of skin problems like acne which we need to be away from. A little bit of carelessness can cost us a lot. And hence we have to avoid many things like spicy food and even junk food to a really large extend. Also, we need to make sure that our makeup looks good but the brands that we are using does not harm our skin and along with that, we also need to make sure that our brushes and everything we use are clean and not at all dusty. Here are some of the home remedies for pimples

  • Ice it up –

    Apply some ice on the pimple and it can help you get rid of the redness, swelling and inflammation of pimples real quick. It as well improves the blood circulation in that particular area which has been affected and it as well tightens the skin pores. Apart from all this it as well removes the dirt and the oil accumulation on skin. You can either go for crushed ice or ice cubes, whatever you like. All you have to do is put the ice cubes or crushed ice in a piece of cloth and put it on the affected skin area for a moment. After a few minutes, repeat the same thing. After a while you will be able to see visible difference.

  • Lemon –

    Lemon juice can help you get rid of pimples real quick. It is known to be rich with vitamin C and helps you dry off the pimples faster. The main thing that you need to remember is that the lemon juice is not from a can or from a bottle. It has to be fresh lemon juice. In short, it has to be the lemon juice with no preservatives. All you have to do is dip some clean cotton in the lemon juice and apply it to the pimple. You can as well add some cinnamon powder to it. In the morning, you have to wash that area with lukewarm water.

  • Toothpaste –

    As shocking as this might sound, but toothpaste can help you get rid of your pimple faster than expected. All you have to do is carry toothpaste with which you clean your teeth and it will be one of the greatest ways to get rid of pimples. The basic thing that you need to remember is that avoid using gel based toothpaste as it might not show the result. All that you have to do is apply the toothpaste over the affected area before you go to bed or for a few hours, in the morning you have to wash your face and you will surely see an improvement.

  • Steam –

    Steam is really good for your skin anyway. When it comes to home remedies for pimples, it is the best thing as well. It opens your pores and will allow your skin to breathe nicely. It will help you to get your skin away from dirt, oil and bacteria as well which are in the pores as it can cause an infection or inflammation. All you have to do is get a steam machine and it will do the work.