Home Remedies for Dark neck

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 Home Remedies for Dark neck

Where pollution and unhealthy diet are causing a lot of skin and health problems, a dark neck is a commonly faced issue by many girls and boys. But there are many home remedies with which you can get rid of this problem permanently.


Title: Home Remedies for Dark Neck

Dark neck treatment

This problem persists among many people, but dark neck treatment is very easy if you do it dedicatedly on a regular basis. Basically, this happens because of fungal and bacterial infections on the skin, and Vitamin C is the best cure for such infections. You can cut a Lemon in half and scrub it over the affected area for 5 minutes every day and within a month; you will definitely see the neck area getting lighter.

how to get rid of black neck skin?

If you are thinking how to get rid of black neck skin, you are reading the right thing. You can use simple kitchen ingredients to get rid of a dark neck. Take a teaspoon of turmeric and mix it with curd or buttermilk. Apply it on your neck and wash it off after 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure 4 times a week, and you will see a significant difference within 3 weeks.

My neck is black

Home remedies can be the best way to treat skin problems, as dermatological treatments demand a lot of money. My neck is black but since I started trying home remedies, it worked wonders on me. One of the most effective remedy is tomato and lime juice. For this, you need to mix equal amounts of tomato and lime juice together, and apply it on your neck. Wash it after 25 minutes, and do this every alternate day.

Black around neck

There are remedies which are cheap and convenient, which will help you get rid of the black around neck. You can make a paste of sandalwood powder mixed with milk or rose water, and apply it to your neck. Scrub the affected area and remove this pack once it dries up. This is one of the most effective home remedies for dark neck.

Home remedies for dark neck

If you are looking for home remedies for dark neck, here is your answer. You can use a mixture of oatmeal powder and tomato juice together as a scrub on a daily basis. These home remedies are best for get rid of a dark neck. This remedy is cheap as well as easy and effective.

Dark neck

There are many effective home remedies for dark neck which are usage of lime juice, sandal wood paste as a pack. Along with it you should take care and see to it that a dark layer does not form on your neck skin again. For this, you should always apply a sunscreen on your neck whenever you go out exfoliate your skin with a suitable scrub regularly.

Black neck

The problem of black neck can be solved with simple home remedies. You can pick up stuff from your kitchen and solve this problem instead of spending huge amounts at skin clinics. You can apply cucumber juice along with rose water on your neck and keep it overnight. This can be done every day and it will gradually decrease the darkness on your neck.