Is prevention better than cure?

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Is prevention better than cure?

Prevention involves many steps that one would need to take in order to delay health problems or in some cases, be completely free of them. Read to know more.

 We have heard the age old phrase “prevention is better than cure”. Does this actually hold true in the larger scheme of things that we find ourselves engrossed in, on a daily basis when it comes to our health. It has been proven by experts, doctors and everyone alike. Who have conducted numerous studies on the benefits of changing our lifestyle. In order to remain healthy and fit rather than live a sedentary life and rely on medication. When a symptom crops up.

        Prevention better than cure
  • Regular exercise and fitness exercises, irrespective of one’s schedule, should be a must. As it has been proven that regular exercise can improve the performance of the heart. Can delay many other diseases that one might be inflicted with, especially in their middle age.
  • Diet is an important aspect of one’ life. One should follow a strict diet which is more balanced in nature, something which can supplement the regular exercise.
  • Getting regular checkups will ensure that you are aware of your parameters of health. It will give you sufficient time to take precaution instead of arriving at a stage where medication becomes compulsory. Doing so regularly will give you enough time to make sufficient changes in your lifestyle to be able to naturally curb such ailments.
    Prevention better than cure
  • Doctors also need to move away from the general norm, which has been treatment rather than prevention. More doctors and hospitals need to be sensitize in order to understand the importance of prevention and should be more inclusive in their approach by involving the lower strata of society. Who do not have the privilege of access of information.
  • Prevention will also mean that people will automatically spend less on healthcare. Because they will have the information required to take care of them instead of just relying on their doctors.
  • Prevention will also mean that there is a more holistic understanding of one’s need for good health and more emphasis will be paid on living a quality life in the number of years instead of just getting on in years.
  • If one has information on all the common ailments one has, prevention will become a natural phenomenon, instead of being educate by doctors and health-care providers. For example, if someone knows that he is at risk for diabetes or what are the things that could put him at risk of diabetes. He/she will automatically be in a position to take the precautionary measures to ensure he stays away from it.


In conclusion, it is important to understand that prevention is better than cure. One needs to have the information required in order to be able to prevent any kind of medication. This is important as one need to understand the importance of health. More people need to be litrate about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and what the changes one needs to make are.