How to make your own skin care products at home.

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How to make your own skin care products at home.

There will only three reasons why you are looking up at this article. The following can be one of your reasons:

1) You are tired of spending heavy amount of spa which don’t even nearly relax you anymore and you want to look for something cheaper.

2) You want something new in life because you are really tired and you are searching for change. A change in the way of making your own skin care products seemed to be suiting well for you, and also it can be like an experiment.

3) You just came across this article and it just randomly caught your eye.

Let your reason of any of the above, you need to know one thing that it is absolutely fine. You can have any of the above reasons to land up on this article. The main thing is that we have around 10 ways for you to experiment yourself with the following absolutely safe homemade skin care products. None of us have the similar skin type and hence we need to make sure that we go for something that suits our skin type perfectly. Go ahead and see which one of the following is the one you would totally like to go for:

  • Potato Slices:


    This might sound really odd and weird but putting raw potato slices on your face after an absolutely tiring day can actually freshen your skin up to a really great extend. People have known to be using this trick since quite some time now and it has been a secret only within few people. They help us avoid acne and if there is any then they shrink down our pimple gradually. It is a really effective method and a really easy one. I am sure no one will have trouble finding a raw potato right?

  • Multani Mitti:


    This is one of the other old traditional methods which have been followed since ages. People have claimed this to smoothen your skin to a really great extends and it also dries off your pimples. This is literally the most guaranteed thing and the best part is that it can suit any skin type. It is always available in the most pure form and you have nothing to worry about. It is a kind of soil which is really useful for your skin. You can put it up on your face, shoulder, back everywhere. This soil is also known to be really famous to get rid of the heat in your body.

  • Neem Paste:

    This is another really effective thing that people have experienced. You have to make a paste of neem or soak neem in water over night and have a bath with it. If you are making the neem paste, you need to see to it that you keep in on your face for quite some time. For around 40 minutes should be more than enough. Neem also cools your body down from the heat and it can prevent you from pimples. This is another really effective method. In fact when someone has chicken pox they are suggested to make the person/child have bath in neem water because it lets go off the boils and really cools your body down.

  • Yogurt and Lemon Face Mark:


    Making a yogurt and lemon face mask can really make your face look much brighter and get your body skin much shinier. It brightens up the skin and makes it smooth as well. You have to take right portion of yogurt and lemon as per requirement and mix them together. This will be really helpful as well for the long term.

  • Avocados, Honey and Fresh Cream:


    I know this rather makes you hungry than to make a mask but honey is known to be really good for your skin and so are avocados. They really do a great job to your skin and hence they are known to be really helpful. Fresh cream, well. Who does not like fresh ream? You could keep on having it all day long. Mixing the three of them and putting them up as your face mask can make your skin more smooth and make your face brighten up as well.

  • Listerine:


    Applying Listerine to your pimple can really make your pimples dry off because of the alcohol content in it. Every time you spot a pimple, take some cotton and dip it in Listerine and dab it on your pimple. You obviously will not see the results overnight but it really is helpful. It makes your skin look much better. I mean c’mon who wants to have a skin full of pimples anyways?

  • Sugar + coconut oil:

    Now this is a great way to make a scrub. There is not much of explanation that is required over here. You need to take one cup of brown of white sugar and along with that add 1/4th or a little more of coconut oil in it. Make sure you scrub yourself with it and I can guarantee you that it will make your skin much better and make it smoother with time. It exfoliates the dead skin as well.

  • Kali Mitti:


    This is also one of the best methods to go ahead with. The main reason why people should go for kali mitti is because it helps you to cool your body down. So if you have heat boils on your body, you can apply the kali mitti all over it and it will eventually cool down. The boils will get smaller for sure.

  • Apple + Honey:


    If you crush one apple and mix it with one table spoon of honey, it will make an amazing face pack. It will make your skin much more flawless and feel more smooth as well. The maximum tip to keep this on your face is 15 minutes. Later on you can easily wash it off.’

  • Baby rose + sugar + oil:


    This is something which looks cute and sounds cute as well. You need to mix a portion of crushed baby rose, add some white sugar and add oil. Mix all of this and store it in the container. Once that is done, you can use it as a scrub for your body and it will help you out with the other things as well.