Try something different, try overnight oat.

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Overnight oats: coolest breakfast to try

Description: – Overnight oats do sound something very different and something not to familiar right? It is something very new to us but it has been followed by certain people since quite some time now. Would you like to try something different? Something extra ordinary and a new subject to the chapters of your life? Something you would love getting addicted to?

We all love change and a healthy change is always so much way better. Most of us are a foodie out here and we love trying out new things. When the new tried food is something healthy and something that will not harm our body. We automatically feel relieved and tension free. Because we know that there is nothing to worry about. Today we are going to explore different types of overnight oats: coolest breakfast to try. Sound something very different and weird right? The best part is that we can have these oats in the kind of flavor that we want it to be. You can make it in the kind of flavor you want it to be and more over the way you want it to be as well. So check out these new flavors and get your overnight oats: coolest breakfast to try ready!

  1. Chocolate Overnight Oats –

    For the entire chocolate lover out there. You have one more addiction to be added to your favorites. Adding chocolate to your overnight oats can be a really good idea. The recipe to it is very simple. You can in fact check it up online. Therefore the ingredients though are old fashioned oats, Greek yogurt, milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and truvia.

  2. Applesauce Overnight Oats

    Apples are anyway good for our health and having them early in the morning for breakfast is as well a really good choice. For those who are apple lovers can definitely go for this recipe. Because This is more on the sweet side and hence very selected people like. All that you will require is rolled oats, milk (it can be soy milk or almond milk or even cow milk), applesauce, cinnamon and salt. You have to mix them in the right proportion and it can turn out to be a good breakfast overnight oat meal.

  3. Blueberry Maple Oatmeal –

    are you a fan of blueberry? Then this is the perfect combination for you. As a matter of fact, if you are a fan of maple, then this is as well a good news for you. There are selected ingredients that you are supposed to mix it and with the amount of favor you want. You can go ahead with it.

    All you have to do is get some uncooked old fashioned rolled oats, skim milk, low-fat Greek yogurt, dried chia seeds, maple syrup and blueberries..Coconut overnight oats – are you a coconut fan? You surely love everything that has a bit of coconut in it and hence this one is the perfect thing for you. You have to make the overnight oat like any other one with rolled oats, milk and nonfat plain Greek yogurt and then later on shred some coconut over it or top it up with anything similar that you like.

  1. Pumpkin pie oatmeal (no cooking) –
    now we all know how annoying cooking can get at times. So those who want to ignore cooking for a while and want to go ahead with something like not so needed to cook. You can go for this pumpkin pie oatmeal. Hence you can find the recipe on and the ingredients. Which you will need are steel cut oats, milk, pumpkin puree, chia seeds, golden raisins, pumpkin pie spice, sugar or honey.