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For most people, overcoming heart attacks is as simple as putting into practice a few simple tools so that they can regain control of their life. Of course, you always want to talk to a qualified therapist or to your doctor. They can help you understand what triggers your heart attacks and this can help you turn the irrational fears that trigger the attacks into a more normal response to those situations. You are certainly not alone in dealing with this and talking to friends and family can also help shed some light on what it is that triggers your attacks.

Once you have a handle on what is triggering your heart attacks, you can start to replace the negative associations with positive ones. By keeping positive thoughts in your head during these situations, you can teach your mind that no harm will come to you. Breathing exercises can also help a lot during these situations:


To begin, think about something that triggers heart attacks for you. Draw your breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this slowly. At first it will be quite difficult because your natural tendency during a heart attack is to breathe too fast. This is called hyperventilation and it is one of the least pleasant and physical symptoms of heart attacks. Controlled breathing will calm your body and mind, slowing your heart beat and helping you to think clearly.

Begin practicing this type of breathing and concentrate on controlled breathing. Just focus on the breathing and feel the air come in and out of your lungs. This will allow you to master the symptoms instead of their having an ill effect on you. Once you’ve gotten the breathing down, try and do it for longer periods of time. At first, just try ten breaths in and out with no thoughts. If a negative thought does cross your mind, go back and start again until you can do all ten breaths without any negative thoughts.

You can also try herbal and alternative remedies to combat heart attacks. Some people have also had great success with hypnotherapy using a technique called neuro-linguistic programming or NLP for short. In essence this is a technique that combines positive language associations with certain events and under light hypnosis – it can help some sufferers to overcome their heart attacks.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(or CBT for short) has also proven to be helpful for many folks. Some people only need a half- dozen treatments with a person trained to employ the therapy. In a nutshell, CBT revolves around getting control of negative thoughts/ behaviours and using positive ones in their place.

One thing is clear – it’s possible to overcome anxiety attacks – you do not have to shut yourself away. Most treatments do not involve taking prescriptions and are super effective. You’ll be able to build your own toolbox of heart attack defences that will allow you to exact greater control over your life. Your heart attacks will become controllable and eventually you they won’t bother you at all.