Other products vs dairy products- importance of calcium for bones.

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 Other products vs dairy products- importance of calcium for bones.

Description– Now many of you all surely have this question in your head that what if you guys just have to stick to normal dairy products? How can you make it interesting? Well for starters, you have to first go to the dietician and figure out how much intake of calcium is required in your body. Read below about  Other products vs dairy products

Having low amount of calcium in your body can directly affect your bones. This kind of result on your bones is not a good one because it practically weakens the whole of your support system. Having weak bones can be one of the most major problem that most of our generation will be going through because one main reason and which is less knowledge about how do we or which source gets us more of calcium to keep our bones strong.

For most of us, we have only limited information like; dairy products are the only things that keep our body going on. But, this is not true. The calcium in your body depends on many factors and it is necessary that except for only dairy products we concentrate on other things too. There various other things as well which can help our body out when it comes to calcium. If we stick to only one section, it will not make us realize how other food and veggies do good to us too and by that we mean that they don’t just provide us with calcium but various other nutrients and proteins and vitamins too.

  • Leafy Green Veggies:

    We all just flash back to those days when we were kids when we could avoid them all and how we would even resist it. But now we are old enough to know and to make our body accept things that we don’t like. There are various ways to make our food interesting and you can do the same with this particular thing. You will have to work on your diet plan and change quite a few things but trust me the results will be worth it.

  • Seafood:

    Seafood is known to have a lot of protein as well as calcium in it. a good amount of intake of seafood can make you realize how much changes it can bring to your body. Of course you should avoid having seafood and milk together it can create a lot of problem in your stomach down there. Seafood is also known to be delicious and to be worth it. There are so many varieties out there. You can literally enjoy each of them because they have great taste and you surely will not regret it. Also, who does not like to have variety in life? We all are fond of trying something new and going beyond something we would normally stick to.

  • Almonds:

    It is definitely shocking how dry fruits can always be so helpful to us. First of all they so tiny in proportion but the amount of benefits they bring to our body are amazing and really surprising. All of these dry fruits have a lot of positive effects on our body including resins and everything. Similarly almonds are really effective as well. They make sure that don’t just help our bones out with calcium but also they will also make sure that they help the whole of our body in some or the other way. Example our hair, it is so very important for our hair as well. Hence, having almonds can also get us multiple benefits.

  • Oranges:


    Most of us LOVE oranges. If not orange then orange juice. As yummy as they and as delicious as they are, they are equally useful for our body. Especially when it comes to helping our bones out. They give out good amount of calcium as well. You can totally rely on them. I am sure this is a really good news for all the orange lovers out there. We know that it can be tough to digest for some people who do not really like oranges, but there are various other alternatives too which you can go for and hence you do not need to be worried about it.

  • Seaweed:


    Now this is not something that you are supposed to smoke up but in literal sense you are supposed to add it your food. You might fight it gross when you hear the name but in real if it is cooked well, it tastes really well. Yes seaweed is known to be a little more on the salty kind of taste like and hence it needs to be cooked with things than can compensate that particular taste of it. But really on the other hand it is yummy and it can be something new you could go for and you could totally try it out.

  • Soymilk:

    Soy milk is like the survival of those who are lactose intolerant. They literally live on this. But for those who are not used to it, you guys can try this out too. It can get you a change in the routine and it can be a good change of diet as well. Having milk can be really heavy but soymilk is comparatively lighter and it can be tasty as well. People also go for various other soy products like cheese and yogurt and ice cream. It is very delicious and can bring you the change in taste and the results will be totally worth it.

What about milk products?

you can either go for the above options or you can start off with milk or flavored milk. Later further, you can go for cheese to get the change. But you need to keep in milk, which dairy products also get you a lot of fats and so you have to maintain the fat level in your body as well. Further you can go for yogurt or ice cream which is now available in different flavors as well. So in short, you have a lot of options open for yourself and you can go for either of them.