The most significant difference between natural therapy and allopathy

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Natural Therapy V/S Allopathy

Difference between natural therapy and allopathy. Here we can find some difference between natural therapy and allopathy. Read and know more .

Allopathic medicines

Right from the time that we remember, we have been used to Allopathic medicines. As it is something that has been passed on from generation to generation. There is a great financial dependence on the pharmaceutical industries as well as health care providers. Which involves research and development of these medicines and at the same time, training of doctors and nurses in hospitals and so many other costs. The basic problem that some skeptics have with Allopathic treatment is that according to a doctor. Your body is in good health if you are free of the symptoms or are rid of any disease. As a result of this notion, most treatments are meant to cure you of the symptoms or curb the disease rather than activate your body to be able to fight your diseases away.

Treating the Symptoms

There is a great deal of debate taking place in different parts of the world to what degree the application of medicines can help in treating the symptoms as compared to changing your lifestyle and taking effective measures to ensure your body remains in perfect harmony with the rest of you. Instead of finding cures for epidemics to treat symptoms. It is perhaps a better idea to may be change our drinking water sources. Eat clean food and reduce the environmental impact commercialization and industrialization are having on our overall system. The most basic example of this would be the amount of air pollution we are exposed to. We are being exposed to so many chemicals being released from various industries and are waiting for it to affect our lungs. So that we become disease-ridden in a few years, instead of taking precautions to battle against these various causes.

One main question that arises out of this entire debate is whether we are focused on prolonging the number of years in our life or are we dedicated to living a quality life, irrespective of the number of years we live. It is almost disheartening to know that even Allopathic treatment is considered as one of the easiest ways to “cure” ourselves from diseases. The world mortality rate remains unaffected, which essentially means people are still dying at the same rate. A huge chunk of the mission of Allopathic providers is to cure the disease rather than improve one’s health.


Naturopathy has taken the world by storm in many ways. This is mainly because the roots of naturopathic treatment are engrained in changing the lifestyle of people. Food, air and exercise are considered as one of the main components of this kind of treatment. Naturopaths use natural drugs which are plant and food based to enable one’s own ability to heal. While naturopaths do look at symptomatic cures, their larger focus is on improving the health of an individual and removes any kind of hindrances in the body’s ability to get back in balance. The most common kind of naturopaths turn to herbal cures, Ayurveda, homeopathy. The idea of this is to enable people to live longer and a more quality life which will contribute to their holistic well-being.