Is migraine a bigger problem than we think it is

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Is migraine a bigger problem than we think it is

It is something that is affecting more and more people each year. It has become difficult to understand the exact reasons why this is happening.


If you have had a migraine headache, you usually tend to not forget the pain. This is becoming a serious problem because the number of people suffering from migraine is about 37 million people in the United States alone. It has been noted by experts that almost 99% of sinus headaches. Most of the neck pain we experience and a substantial amount of fibromyalgia pain might be migraines disguised as these pains.

  • Migraine headaches

    Some facts state that almost 35 % of women suffer from it’s headaches. This is 3 times the number than men. Hormonal fluctuations are also a major cause for migraine headaches.

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine consumption is another major trigger of migraine headaches. Drinking too much coffee in the morning and in the night is one of the main causes of these headaches.

  • There is great need to understand the various triggers associated with  headaches and even though it is not enough just acknowledging them. It has brought about a positive insight that people are more aware of their environment that can cause changes in their migraine headaches.
  • This could also be because the triggers for migraine headaches are not just one or two. But the fact that there are many triggers which imply the need to be a lot more understanding of the effects and knowing that even if they take precautions. They will still get the headaches.
  • Triggers

    The main things which could trigger a migraine could be mood fluctuations, fatigue, feeling a mental blur. These are just some of the triggers which could potentially bring on a severe  headache. It needs to be understood that one needs to change their lifestyle in order to be able to accommodate the various dangers associated with these types of headaches.

  • Migraine

    It can extend for anything upto 4 days depending on the treatment associated with this. Some of these bouts of migraine headaches can be called upon by some kind of visual aura. Which depicts a flickering jagged line, usually at the side of the visual turf.

  • migraine and governments

    There are certain costs which are involved with it. Governments are spending a sufficient amount of money to be able to tackle this issue. This needs to be understood in the context of overall government spending on health infrastructure.



In conclusion, it needs to be understood that migraines are becoming an increasingly dangerous problem all over the world and people have only started paying attention to it now. There needs to be a constant education program which is aimed at tackling this problem and ensuring that people understand the various things associated with it as well as know how to take precautions as and when required. This can only happen when there is more information. Which is readily available and people have more access to this information.