The 3 Week Diet


High levels of cholesterol will easily contribute to heart disease and other health problems. This article will give you a head start and provide five easy ways to lower your cholesterol fast. Keeping cholesterol on control leads to a healthy way of living and here are some few easy and faster methods to achieve this.

1) Drink more Distilled or Spring Water.

When we often times think of water, we understand that it is a highly essential part. The issue, with a concentration on cholesterol, is that without enough water daily your body is not able to flush itself and get rid of excess cholesterol. The one type of water to stay away from drinking is tap. Spring and distilled are by far the best for health reasons. They lack the harmful inorganic materials which frequent tap water systems. You can easily pick up a gallon of distilled or spring water from your nearest grocery store at a cheap price.

2) Think about Medications from your Doctor.

Many people have questions concerning medications that help to reduce cholesterol levels. The one thing is that you should not always focus on pharmaceuticals for health. Those drugs will in fact lower cholesterol over time, but they also have various effects on your body. There are certain prescription drugs which can be used, and others which are over the counter at local pharmacies. Be sure to explain every detail to your doctor so they can medicate you accordingly.

3) Increase your Physical Activities Outdoors.

Daily exercise is well known to help keep our bodies in shape and functioning properly. It is best for you to get at least 30 to 40 minutes each day preferably outdoors. The reasoning behind the outdoors approach is that you get your sunlight vitamin D as well as fresh air in your lungs. High cholesterol levels will harm your heart, so it is good to exercise to keep the heart and lungs strong. Some people understandably cannot handle hard exercises, so the best thing for them would be slower low impact activities such as swimming or a basic walk.

4) Eat more tasty Oatmeal with Fruits.

Recently there have been commercials focusing on oatmeal as a means to lower cholesterol. The information behind this is that it is soluble fibre. What this does is slow down the absorption of LDL (low density lipoproteins)into your body. Traditionally LDL is considered bad cholesterol. Do not forget that fruits contain water and are great when added to oatmeal. Think of this as a tag team working to fight your high cholesterol levels.


5) Drink Black coffee as opposed to Cream and Sugar.

Each morning I need to have my cup of coffee before I hit the office. Many people do the same coffee routine each day before work or just to jump start their day. The coffee creamers are the main culprits adding to your cholesterol. They contain cholesterol in small dosages, but many people simply add too much to a small cup of coffee. It would be best to try black coffee or even a flavoured brand without the added cream and sugar.

These are just a few simple tips to help you cut your cholesterol fast over time. Keep in mind that your body does create a certain level of natural cholesterol for bodily functions. It would be best for you to examine your specific situation and talk to a health professional. Some people love to research and utilize natural methods while others frequent the doctor’s office with many concerns. However you fell about this topic, make sure you do everything possible to maintain a healthy balance to your life.