Lower back pain-How to relief

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Lower back pain-How to relief

OUCH that hurts!

Description: – Lower back pain problems are very common once you are around 20-25 years old. Most of girls start having back problems when they have their time of the month going on. But even otherwise for guys as well it has known to be a really common issue.

Why are back aches so common? The very simple answer is that back aches can actually happen to anyone and is usually because of your wrong posture, too much of weight lifting or stress. You have to work on getting it right back on track anyway and ease your lower back pain. The first thing that needs to be done is to realize where exactly are you going wrong? You are lifting way heavy weights, or are you are under a lot of stress? Or is it that your posture is not fine? There are various reasons to this and you need to make sure that you know where exactly it is all going wrong.

  • Stress

    If stress is one of the reasons why you have been having back issues, you need to get your control over it. Sometimes something affecting to us mentally can really screw up otherwise. Your mental stress can actually be a big issue. You need to lower it down and find ways to cool down. Probably get a break or a vacation which will ease your lower back pain.

  • Weight
    If you are gyming, then you need to reduce on the weights that you’ve been lifting up in order to get your muscles bulked up. In fact if you are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulder like your heavy bags or something, it can be dangerous too. Cut down on that kind of weight as well as it can be really harmful and can hurt you big time.
  • Cobra stretch

    Doing your exercises can also be one of the best things to deal with when you want to ease your lower back pain. It helps you stretch and concentrated so much on your back it makes your muscle stretch which is indeed good for your body. Also it has in fact shown many results where it makes people feel relaxed and relief about their back pain. Make sure that you have been keeping your feet together and your upper body goes as high as possible with the help of your hands and along with your shoulders.

  • Take breaks –

    If you have been sitting on your chair all day long, it is probably one of the reasons why you have been having so many back ache problems. You need to get up and roam around a little bit that it makes you feel a little better. It as well can help you stretch a little and can always give a better change which is really needed. 80% of the times we are sitting so it does get a little stressful for our back.

  • Posture

    The above pointer is very much relating to this. It is very important to have good posture because a back posture can cause you a lot of back problems. Make sure that form time to time your check your posture and keep it enacted and updated. Many a times we fail to realize about our posture and then we just keep on sitting in that same way anyway which can make us OUCH to our back. People need to realize that this is actually one of the most important pointers. 87% of the times this is where people but back ache problem goes wrong and have issues.