Losing Weight Over Years

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Losing Weight Over Years

Weight loss has a long history that goes as far back as I remember. The terms of how we call it varies from generation to generation, but it only boils down to one point —- losing weight over years. It simply means reducing the body mass which may be intentional or unintentional.


The 1980’s, during this decade the food industry started to ramp up the variety of the packed food especially our beloved snack food range in grocery stores. It was great for everyone’s convenience. We had a lot of choices, it was super. Unfortunately, this was also the start where health problems like Obesity became rampant. The rate of people having health problems reached huge proportions from all over the world and yet no one if not a few had recognized and accepted this unfortunate changes. Then the discovery of reduced fat and/or fat free food and was introduced to people. Which became the solution to unwanted weight gain. This solution seemed to be the best one during that time.


By the time 1990’s came, the fashion in diet and nutrition started to evolve. Apparently, low fat term became the trend. This was the era where the intakes of carbs were lowered at extreme measures. Crash diets started to kick in. People who thought they were fat or over weight started dieting and drastically reducing the way they eat carbs. The effect was they lost weight. The downside though was once their craving overpowered them. They succumb to eating their hearts out until they were satisfied. Another wrong way they perceived of properly losing weight.


At the turn of the century in the 2000’s where technologies are already very well developed. So did the diet and nutrition of this era. People now have Natural Diet, Organic Eating, Gluten Free Diet, Vegan Diet, Wheat Belly Diet, and the list goes on and on. The bottom lines of these programs are each has a principle of having as much natural ingredients and were minimally processed with less or no preservatives at all. It aimed for people to have a healthier lifestyle and to lose those unwanted weight that seems to make people unhealthy.

From a personal standpoint, as an author and a woman on her mid 30’s is that all the food discovered. Since the beginning of my generation may it be healthy or not, that it both has its advantages and disadvantages. Many individuals may and/or will openly admit that they have a penchant for processed food like chips and canned goods and not to mention fast food chains like Mcdonalds, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza. But everyone is also very much aware the benefits of fresh veggies, fish, chicken and fruits.  I would say what each of us need to do is to balance our food intake along with doing proper exercise. With heartfelt commitment to have a healthy lifestyle and proper weight loss. Then this generation shall be on the right track of living a proper and healthier way of life.

So you can now fallow above tips for losing weight over years.