Who Can Lose Weight?

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Who Can Lose Weight?

Who are those people who seem to loose weight so easily? Does it keep your mind busy on what exactly can be their recipe to success? Have you ever wondered in awe as to what happened to that chubby looking guy who suddenly seems to be turned into a handsome one? Many times the question arises, who can lose weight? Keeping all these questions aside, let’s discuss what it takes to loose weight in an astonishing way.

  • Do not stop eating and go fasting your way to loose weight. Do eat but eat less. The best way to do this is if you feel like eating twenty bites in a go. Eat fifteen. Slowly your meals will reduce and hence will help you loose weight.
  • Watching TV might be hanging extra kilos around your tummy without you knowing it. Researches have shown that people who watch television more gain weight more easily than the ones who rather go outside to catch up with friends.
  • Let yourself starve fully before you eat anything. We sometimes might binge on food unknowingly. This could be a result of stress, depression or feeling numb.
  • Eating some replacement fruit when you feel hungry is the best way to go. Eat a banana or an apple if you feeling hungry instead of eating something processed.
  • The effect of blue light on your overall diet is magnificent. Studies have shown that the colour blue aides in lesser degree of food cravings resulting in loosing weight. Wearing blue often will surprisingly cut on your amount of food intake. Just give it a try.
  • Do you mind eating in front of a mirror? Studies found out that a person is supposed to be eating less if he or she is eating in front of the mirror. So add a mirror to your dining room and this will help you reduce the intake of food.
  • Have you often found yourself taking lift instead of opting for stairs even if you have to go to the second floor? Change this habit. Be more fit and opt for the stairs next time.
  • Take a brisk walk of at least 45 minutes every day.
  • Opt out of buying already prepared food.
  • Don’t give much thought to eating. Divert your attention to something else. This will make you eat less and less.
  • Stop the habit of mid night meal. If you have the habit of eating late at night change this immediately to see how well you would do to your diet.
  • Take a walk before dinner and you would cut down on your appetite for dinner.
  • Go out often. Be it for a small trip across the city or cycling down the lane. Become more active socially.
  • Stop eating outside. Make sure you eat all your meals at home where you can keep a track of your diet.
  • Cut down the size of your eating plates. Serve the dinner on the salad plate and you would be eating much less.
  • Avoid eating in a group. Eating in a group tends to make you eat more as you will be asked by different people to try different things.

So now when the question arises, who can lose weight, you have the answer!