Lose Weight by Loosing Belly Fat

The 3 Week Diet

Lose Weight by Loosing Belly Fat

Now days belly fat is one of the biggest headaches for most of the aspirants of losing fat. All of those who have dealt with weight problems can explain that getting rid of belly fat is the biggest challenge. When it comes to loosing belly fat then your perseverance does not matter at all. Fat around your belly is exactly like a stubborn child who just wants to cling to you for the rest of his life. So you can lose weight by loosing belly fat.

Not to worry as we are going to provide you some reasons that will help you know the causes of not being able to get rid of your stubborn belly fat despite working so hard.

The 3 Week Diet

  1. Age

Human growth hormone level of your body starts decreasing with your age. It is very important hormone for a human body because we are able to fight any disease via metabolism only because of human growth hormone. It plays vital role in the growth of our muscles also. Therefore age makes weight loss much more difficult for you.

  1. Wrong Exercise

In order to lose most of the people prefer cardio vascular exercises for the most part of their workout sessions. Some people use treadmill and some run hard which does not result in anything most of the time for loosing belly fat. So we encourage you to opt for a balanced training program that offers cardio and weight training equally for weight loss.

  1. Poor and incomplete sleep

Well! This is something very interesting because most of the people underestimate the importance of full and sound sleep. They always have question in their mind that how and why would sleep affect their weight? Poor and incomplete sleep affects you metabolism badly which results in increasing food craving. After working-out hard you need to have minimum of 8 hours sleep to boost your metabolism which keeps your belly fat and many other diseases at bay.

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  1. Stress Management

Cortisol, a stress hormone, is triggered by stress in your body. Cortisol in notorious for deleting your lean muscle which always results in the belly fat for your body. Furthermore your fat cells get enlarge to large extent. In this way your fat cells store more fat in themselves. Therefore emphasize stress management more than anything else in order to lose belly fat.


  1. Unhealthy food

Human body has the tendency of reacting to different foods in different way. Consuming too much of processed and refined grains always turn out to be the biggest hurdle in the way of your weight loss goals. Moreover, consumption of too many fats also makes your goal of reducing fat very difficult. Mono saturated fats are fantastic alternative of saturated fats in order maintain your healthy eating lifestyle for loosing belly fat and for remaining fit.


These are some of the habits that you can include in your routine to lose belly for weight loss. However, we encourage you to seek the most valuable advice of your doctor or dietician before using any information being provided in this article because they are the most experienced people about your body and its needs for successful weight loss.