Keep your heart safe and sound!

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Keep your heart safe and sound!

Description: We all know that our heart is something which is very sensitive. It is basically the thing or rather the organ which keeps us alive and keeps us going on. There are a lot of people who are facing such and so heart issues because of high cholesterol level. Such things are caused due to high level of pressure.

Best foods you should be eating to reduce heart disease risk

Since we grow and we our body as well starts to grow old, we undergo a lot of changes. With this change, we as well go through a lot of external stress. And by external stress I mean the mental stress that we go through. Sometimes there are times when our heart cannot take it and it can lead to serious heart issues which is not really good for our heart and as well for our body!

If our heart gets affected, basically the whole of our body gets affected. Basically, we are going to be looking at best foods you should be eating to reduce heart disease risk. To avoid such risks, we need to make sure that we keep a good control on our diet as well. Here are few food items that will help you be healthy throughout and will make sure that your heart says really healthy:

  • Berry berry:

    Berries like strawberry and blueberries lower the risk of a heart attack to around 30%. According to the recent research, berries can really help you out a lot. Those who eat fewer berries comparatively are known to have higher risks. They are supposed to have good amount of benefits when you have them. They as well are known to feed you real good amount of anthocyanins and flavonoids which practically decrease the blood pressure and dilate your blood vessels. What you can do is have berries in the form of juices or milkshakes or smoothies. You can have the whole portion of them, side them with your pancakes or waffles or as anything or any how you like it; but sure you have good amount of intake of berries in you.

  • Dark Chocolate:

    Now there are many chocolate lovers out there who absolutely love eating and gulping down huge chunks of chocolate. For many people chocolate makes their mood better. Be it in the form of ice cream or just plain simple chocolate, it makes them feel better and comforting. For all the chocolate lovers this is really good news. Dark chocolate has seemed to be really good for those who have heart issues. It is said that if you have daily intake of dark chocolate then it can reduce the risks of heart attack and strokes in people. Dark chocolates are basically the normal chocolate which just 70% or around amount of more coca in them than in the usual chocolate in them. It helps with blood pressure and clotting. Milk chocolate and other candy bars can create negative effects on your health though which will just make it more difficult for you. You can have the pure form of dark chocolate in bars or something or smoothies.

  • Citrus fruits:

    Citrus fruits are fruits like grapes and oranges which have slightly tangy and sour taste. These are fun to have and they as well give a lot of health benefits. Those who confuse more of these citrus fruits, they have around 20% lower risk of stroke. These fruits are rich in vitamin C which is known to be linked with lower risk of heart disease. Though you are supposed to be away from citrus fruits which have added sugar in it. Avoid going for already made products as they might not give good results. But what you can rather do is go for grape or orange smoothies or juices or just add them to your breakfast. Or maybe you can pop a few pieces later at night before going to bed.

  • Potatoes:

    Now this might sound weird. I am sure there are plenty of potato lovers out there. For some of us to live without potatoes is impossible and we basically need it every single day. That’s a good thing in a way. People always tag it as the bad starch but it is not entirely true. If they’re not deep fried, you can always go ahead with them. They have a lot of potassium in them. This can help you lower your blood pressure which is indeed a good sign. With potassium, they also have a lot of fiber in it which can help you lower the risk of heart disease. Potatoes can be having had in the best of forms but only to be avoided when deep fried.

  • Tomatoes:

    Tomatoes as well can be good for us in many different ways. Also the sales of tomatoes have risen since last 3 to 7 years. Tomatoes and potatoes are known to help your body out in more than just one way. Tomatoes are very heart healthy. They as well have good amount of potassium and as well they are a good source of antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene is something which can help you get rid of bad cholesterol. And we all can add a good amount of portion of tomatoes to our dinner or lunch which can get us good results.

  • Nut:

    All various kinds of nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and macadamia as well contain good amount of fiber which is definitely good for your heart. You can even randomly just pop nuts whenever you want and they are as well really good for your health. Plus they give you a lot of energy. Apart from all this, they have vitamin E and they are also high with omega 3. Pistachios have been our favorites since we have been young and they are also very addictive.

  • Extra virgin olive oil:

    We all know that when it comes to oil, virgin olive oil is the best thing for our heath compared to all the other vegetable oil. It also says that it lowers down the risk of heart disease. You should at least have four table spoons of olive oil as it can protect you by 30%. It helps you reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In fact having olives, both black and green are good for your health supplying you the good fats.

So having a good way to best foods you should be eating to reduce heart disease risk does involve having both the types of food, the one you might enjoy and which you might not as well!