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Keep cholesterol Reduced – For Health Life



Today, many people suffer from the problem of high cholesterol level because of the hectic or busy lifestyle. Due to the rising trend, people are not properly take care of their health as well as not taking proper nutrient and healthy food. The high level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack and other related diseases. Cholesterol is a very fatty kind of substance which is mainly found in blood stream. Cholesterol is not always bad but it is important for body to function properly. It is used to develop the cells of hormones. It is compulsory to maintain cholesterol level but if large amount of saturated fat available in our body then the liver will turn that fat into the high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy fat like substance which is made in liver and other cells. Body only needs a limited amount of cholesterol but too high level is a greater risk for coronary heart disease.Which leads heart attack and also a risk of stroke. Cholesterol found in certain type of foods such as egg, meat, dairy products, fast food, Animal fats, oil, butter and so on.

Types of Cholesterol

  • HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) – It is a good type of cholesterol. You have to maintain HDL level but if it’s get low than the risk of heart disease goes up.
  • LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) – It is a bad type of cholesterol. If the level of LDL is high then it directly affects your heart and it’s very risky for the heart disease.

Basically, hypercholesterolemia is a term used for the high level cholesterol. High cholesterol is a very dangerous situation that can be life threatening too. It is a sleek fat material which roams in the blood of a human body. The too much intake of cholesterol causes the problem and also causes the body to malfunction. It is very important part of the healthy body. Because it is useful in producing hormones, cell membranes and also serves the other functions of body. Most of the time people can reduce cholesterol with medications. But the changes in lifestyle is also a great help to reduce cholesterol level.

Tips to reduce cholesterol level:

  • Eliminate Trans fat.
  • Eat more and more vegetables, fruits and wholegrain food.
  • Limit cholesterol in your food.
  • Eat rich food which contains omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Loose body weight
  • Daily Exercise at least 30 minutes.


Cholesterol is the problem which affects the health of every human body in the world. Most of the time your doctor suggest a combination of medications to maintain your cholesterol level. By adding some physical activities as well as making changes in your eating habits into your daily routine. You can effectively manage your cholesterol level and also reduce various heart related risk. The prescription of doctors depends on the cholesterol level, diabetes, to lower your blood pressure, control LDL, rise in HDL level etc. Before making any changes in your diet plan or exercise routine do initially take suggestion of your doctor and then follow it in a proper way.