Itchy Skin without Rash

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Itchy Skin without Rash

Are you experiencing skin itching but can’t see any rash? Read more to find out the possible causes of Itchy Skin without Rash.

Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin

Title: Itchy Skin without Rash

Skin :-

Skin is the outermost part of our body and is open to the environment. Hence, it is the most vulnerable as anything coming in contact with has comes in contact with our skin first. Also, the skin is said to be an indicator of the health of a person. If the skin is good and healthy, then the person is likely to be healthy. But if the skin is pale and develops rashes, it may be an indicator to an underlying illness. We all are aware about the different types of itchy skin rashes and have experienced them at least once in our lifetime. Itchy skin rash bumps have been a matter of concern for many of us. But not always is the itchiness of the skin caused by rashes.

Itchy skin without rash :-

Yes. There are many situations or medical conditions in which people experience itchy skin without rash. Many people wake up at night with itchy skin but no rash is found on their body. It is so because rashes are not the only condition which can cause itchy skin. Itchy skin can be caused by a number of factors. There are conditions which can cause mild to serious itching of the skin without developing any rashes. Sometimes, substances like wool, soap, chemicals, etc. can irritate the skin and cause it to become itchy.

While in some cases, allergy reactions to food, cosmetic or some plants or grass can cause itchy skin without rash. Some people may experience itching as a result of reactions to antibiotics or other medications. During kidney failure which is a more serious condition, blood becomes more acidic and it may cause itching without developing any rashes. Cholestasis is a disease which can develop during the later stages of pregnancy. It affects the liver and causes more bile acid to accumulate in the liver and results in severe itching in hands and feet. Other causes for itching without rashes can be lymphoma, dry skin, scabies, etc.

Home remedy :-

Most of the itching can be resolved at home without the doctor’s help. Many effective home remedies are available for the cure and prevention of itching. The basic remedy is to follow a proper diet which includes green leafy vegetables and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and juices. Avoid eating excess pineapple and mango as they cause itching.  Apply moisturizing creams or lotions to the areas of your body which may be itching as itching mainly is the result of dry skin. Many anti-itch creams are available in the market and you can also take anti-histamine to relieve itching. Avoid scratching your itchy skin as it can lead to rashes and cause skin to swell and may result in further skin damage. Bathe properly and wear clean clothes which are washed in mild detergents so that harsh chemicals don’t come in contact with your skin.