How is Hepatitis A transmitted?

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How is Hepatitis A transmitted?

 Hepatitis A is a liver disease whose incubation period varies from 15 to 50 days. The incubation period depends on the degree of exposure to the viral infection. There are various ways how is hepatitis A transmitted.

How is Hepatitis A transmitted?

 There are various ways how is Hepatitis A transmitted. Usually it happens when people are leading unhygienic life-style in the form of drinking contaminated water, harvested fruits and vegetables handled with infection. Virus can also spread. If people are having oral or anal sex. Feces of a person also contain the virus. Sometimes it may happen owing to excess stress.

How is Hepatitis transmitted?

Hepatitis is a viral infection that causes inflammation of the liver. People recover from hepatitis if it mild but in case of severity, people may die also. There are various ways of how hepatitis is transmitted – having oral or anal sex, having poor nutrition, drinking alcohol, kidney transplantation, having kidney-dialysis and sharing needles and drugs.

Hepatitis A transmitted

Hepatitis A transmitted

How is Hepatitis A transmitted through food or water?

How Hepatitis A is transmitted through food or water can be possible if food handlers are using infected hands. Waiters serving food after washroom use doesn’t cleanly wash hands. If sanitary system is unclean then hepatitis A may spread through drinking water. This is possible if water comes in contact with unhygienic practice of Hepatitis A.

How is Hepatitis D transmitted?

 How Hepatitis D is transmitted can be answered in the same way as Hepatitis B is transmitted. Various modes of transmission are – having sex with a person who is infected, contact with blood samples, sharing same needles, toothbrush, syringe of the patient, during pregnancy period the disease can be transmitted to child and sometimes people unknowingly can become a carrier of the disease which is a case found in girls mostly.

How are hepatitis A, B and C transmitted?

Hepatitis A, B and C are the common types of hepatitis that can be seen in patients. Sometimes they are acute but at times they can become chronic disease which can be life-taking. How Hepatitis A, B and C are transmitted can be found out from the list below:-

Hepatitis A: Contaminated food and water. Feces also contain the virus. Sometimes anal or oral sex can also account for the disease.

Hepatitis B: Infected blood, sex and sharing same infected needles with others can result in the widespread of the disease. At the time of birth, the disease can be transmitted from mother to child also. There are vaccines for curing the disease.

Hepatitis C: Infected blood and needles can be the cause of disease transfer. No vaccination has been discovered till date. People have to take precautions themselves to prevent the spread of the disease.

How can Hepatitis A be transmitted?

Hepatitis A can be transmitted in a variety of ways. How can Hepatitis A be transmitted has already been stated in the aforementioned words. Hepatitis A can be acute. But if not taken care can become chronic. Hepatitis B and C most of the time have proved to be lethal. So, people from every walk of life must take care of themselves in whatever they are doing. Especially while eating or having non-precautionary sex.