10 Health problems that stress might bring and what one can do to fix it

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10 health problems that stress might bring and what one can do to fix it

 Stress is something that we all have felt, sometime in our lives whether it is at our work place, our homes, or in smaller things such as traffic which can cause negative reactions within ourselves. Sometimes, stress can play positive roles in taking out the best of us but in most cases. It has a deteriorating effect on our mental and physical health.

Stress is nothing but a natural phenomenon that exists within us which is meant to protect us from danger. When our ancestors used to feel this kind of stress, their bodies would automatically kick into action with an increase in the heart rate and filling up the body with hormones which would elevate the heart rate resulting in an increased blood pressure, a sudden surge in energy and with an ability to be able to deal with the problem.


  • Cancer possibility:

    Even though this hasn’t been proven on humans, it has been shown that cancer cells present in our body could survive anti-cancer drugs, if the body and mind are in stress.

  • Reduction of the brain:

    It has been shown that a certain degree of stress levels could shrink the brain by reducing the gray matter in the areas which are tied to emotion and physiological functions.

  • Fast Aging:

    It has been proven that children who have been exposed to violence and other things in their early years are likely to age faster.

  • Depression: It has been proven on certain animals that subjecting them to high levels of stress resulted in them feeling depressed in the form of not eating food properly and giving up swimming when put in a plastic cylinder.
  • Chronic Problems:

    It has been found that people who are likely to take more stress are more prone to problems like arthritis and other heart problems.

  • Prone to Strokes:

    It has been found that irrespective of gender, people who take more stress are likely to be inflicted with strokes.

  • Heart Attack:

    It has been observed that people who feel more anxious and stressed have a 27 per cent higher risk of heart attack, which has the same effect that smoking 5 cigarettes would have on the heart.

  • Perpetuate Diseases:

    It has been known that people who take more stress are likely to accentuate their disease, an example of which would be that their cold becomes worse. This is because when you are stressed; your body produces more cortisol than usual and results in an imbalance.

  • Diabetes:

    Stress is known to affect diabetics because they tend to automatically increase their blood glucose levels. This is a situation that could make the diabetes worse.


  • Alzheimer’s disease:

    Studies are suggesting that stress may trigger the onset of Alzheimer disease. which affects one in eight Americans, at the current standard. Stress can facilitate a degenerative process in the brain and cause precipitation in the immune system.