Common health problems women face

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Common health problems women face



 Women have come a long way from the 1990’s and this is something that has marked incredible achievements that women have been capable of. However, amidst all the various achievements that women can feel proud of, it is equally important to understand how one can needs to be careful about their health and what are the common issues that are troubling women from time to time.

  • Cancer:

The two of the most common cancers affecting a woman would be breast cancer and cervical cancer. Detecting both these cancers in time is perhaps key to keep a woman alive and healthy. Latest figures show that there are half a million women who are dying from cervical cancer each year and the same number of breast cancer each year. This number is high amongst the lower and the middle income groups of people who cannot afford health care and many places where this kind of health-care is non-existent.

  • Health related to reproduction:

    Reproductive and sexual problems are the cause of one of the major health problems that women are facing today. Unsafe sex is something that has begging international concern for women particularly in the age group of 15 to 44 years. This is probably why it has become so important for various health care services to get to millions of women who do not have access the required knowledge.

  • HIV:

    HIV is a disease which women have been battling with, over the last so many years. Almost 30 years since the origin of the AIDS epidemic, women are facing the dangers of unprotected sex and they are unable to stop the transmission of the virus into their system. This exposure also leads them to be more vulnerable to other diseases like tuberculosis which is becoming a bigger reason for deaths in the low income nations.

  • Mental Health:

    It has been proven by many experts that women are more prone to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and other kinds of somatic complaints- physical symptoms which cannot be explained in medical terms. Depression is one of the major things that women have to deal with and suicide is one of the major reason for deaths under the age of 60 years. There is a need to sensitize women towards these prevailing mental health issues and in addition to that, it is also important to provide them with the right assistance to deal with this.

  • Maternal Health:

    There has been note-worthy progress in this sphere and now woman face the benefits of the various reforms in the space of pregnancy and child birth which was not the case earlier. However, this benefit has not trickled down to everyone and as a result of that. Women are either dying or facing severe health problems due to complications in their child birth.


In conclusion, women have a lot to worry about when it comes to the issues that women face on a daily basis and the challenges that lie ahead.