Give your hair a routine

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Hair care routine

Description- These are some of the very basic steps that you need to follow and take care of. Go through then and see if they are the best or not and you can come back to this same page for more of such different routines:

Hair care routine is something with what we all struggle to get through. You do not need to read any book or any of the magazines which have like around 10000 words to say about how to take care of your or you can simply go through these steps and read how easy it is to actually take good care of your hair and it can not only benefit a particular set of hair type but all of them.

Understand how exactly your scalp it:


You need to know first if your scalp is greasy and oily or completely dry.  Also you need to find out if you have dandruff or you have a lot of hair fall. You as well need to know if you have thick hair or thin hair. Understanding any part of your body helps you to work on it for example your hair care routine.

  • Use of the right hair products:

    70% of us are using the wrong hair product which means the wrong hair shampoo, conditioner, and as well the after and before hair care. Once you understand what kind of a scalp do you have you can go for the right shampoo and conditioner followed by the right after and before hair care products. People tend to mess these things up where and when you really have to be careful.

  • Number of times you wash your hair

    It is very important that you wash your hair only when required. Hair products contain a lot of chemical and they can damage your hair really easily. So it is very important to know that you need to wash your hair really rare and you cannot have the chemicals go to your hair over and over again. The basic rule is to wash your hair not more than 3 times a week; unless and until it is required.

  • Serum:

    Serum as well has become very important for dry hair. Most of the times our tip of hair dries out and we are not really ready to chop it off. In such cases we can take help of serums which can help your maintain your hair quality. Now these serums as well differ from hair to hair.

  • Heat protection products:

    For those who are into using heated products, make sure you guys use the heat protection products instead of using serum. This helps you damage your hair less than what the heat does to your hair for real.try some hair care at home.

  • Go for warm products instead of hot ones:

    We all love using straightening machines and curlers and everything which is basically hot and makes our hair better. But we need to make sure we go for something that is warm and not hot so that it damages our hair way less.