Eye care- Glaucoma- A rising problem

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Eye care- Glaucoma- A rising problem

Glaucoma is a serious problem because it is one disease which cannot be effectively recognized. As it does not carry symptoms which are easily discriminating. This is what makes it even more dangerous than the other eye problems.  Which is why it is recommended that you visit your eye doctor on a regular basis to be able to discover this in time.

Glaucoma is a condition that causes serious damage to your eye’s optic nerve. It is the result of a buildup of pressure inside your eye. Glaucoma is usually hereditary and doesn’t show up till late in your life. The intraocular pressure, which essentially causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve, destroys its ability to transmit images to the brain. If the pressure caused by the damage to the optic nerve continues and becomes higher. It can cause permanent loss of vision.

Why does pressure rise?

Pressure rises in the case of glaucoma and this usually happens. When the eye fluid in the front of the eye isn’t circulating normally. This fluid is known to flow out of the eye through a channel. What happens in the case of glaucoma is that this channel becomes blocked. When this channel becomes blocked, the fluid gets trapped inside the eye and builds up, putting increased pressure to the eye.

Glaucoma has absolutely no way of being prevented and the only way is to control it and ensure the pressure doesn’t build up in the eye.

Treatment for Glaucoma:

Treatment for glaucoma usually involves eye drops, laser surgery or any kind of micro surgery depending on the severity of the situation and how long it has taken to detect the disease.

The medication could involve either increasing the outflow of the fluid from the eye or restricting the flow of fluid. So as to keep the pressure intact. There are certain side effects which someone can experience from this. Which include allergy, redness of the eyes, brief stinging, blurry vision and irritation in the eyes. There are some glaucoma drugs which are known to affect the heart and the lungs.

Laser surgery is another option in glaucoma. In laser surgery, it is usually designed to increase the outflow of fluid in the eye or decrease the fluid blockage. This depends on the type of glaucoma you have, whether it is open-angle glaucoma or angle-closure glaucoma. In laser surgery, there is a procedure which is called trabeculoplasty. Which is meant to open up the mesh like channel which is blocked, to let the fluid flow outside. In cyclophotocoagalation, there is a laser beam which treats the areas of the eyes. Which are affected to reduce the production of fluid.


In conclusion, one needs to maintain a positive outlook. When diagnosed with glaucoma and needs to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of attention that is being given to this. This can only happen when one is completely sure about how to treat this and is being treated from the best doctors possible.