How to get your hair sleek, long and perfect

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 How to get your hair sleek, long and perfect

Hairs play very important role in a women’s life. Every woman wants sleek long and perfect hairs. Here are some very important pointers which will make sure that you have good results.

For like around 85% of us, hair is the most important factor. If in the day or night if your face looks really crappy, it is absolutely fine. But if anything goes wrong with your hair, we feel like tis the end of the world. Now this is not just for girls but it is also for all the guys out there. it is definitely not a secret anymore that as important as hair is to us, it is important to you guys as well. And hence, because we need to deal with such situation, we need to make sure that we are taking good care of it. Here are some of the following pointers which will make sure that you have good results even if you follow them not so regularly:

  • Do not shower too often ->

    No I am not talking avoiding to have bath or to not to have bath at all for days all together. Here we are talking about getting your hair wet too often. And even if you do so because it might not seem like an option, make sure that you do not shampoo that often. It is one of the most wrong things that we do in life is to shampoo back to back. For starts when you stop washing your hair every day, your hair will get a little oily or greasy, but with time, you will come to know or rather realize that your hair fall has reduced. Magic right? No. not really. The basic idea is to avoid chemicals from entering your scalp.

  • Take care of the Products you use – >

    We cannot go days without washing our hair and hence now we need to see the kind of products that we use. The product should match to what does your hair and scalp really require. You cannot just pick up any random shampoo. If you are using the hair mask or anything at all, you need to know the exact use of it and how will it help your hair out. Same goes for straightens and curling machines.

  • Oil your Hair ->

    Oiling your hair is like the most important thing ever. You need to make sure that you are oiling your hair regularly which can be either once a week or 3 times a week, according to what does your hair and scalp exactly require. Also the kind of oil that you use is really important. We need to make sure that our scalp is getting exactly what it requires. And we also need to know about how not to go overboard with it.

  • Do Not Use Hot Products Often ->

    Many people will ask you to avoid hot products completely but we know that it is not quite possible. So it is fine if you use but we also need to make sure that we take proper care of our hair after we use the product. Regular oiling of hair is very essential because this just simply dries off our hair. And more over, use it really rare or once in a while when you really require it and not just otherwise.

  • Hair Spa ->

    Hair spa is known to make your hair just better with the whole steam and everything. Now you might fear that here the chemical factor might affect your hair and scalp again. But there are natural hair spa products as well. You can also see that how steam as is a really important fact because it helps the product to settle down and reach up to your scalp pores.

  • Regular Hair Cuts ->

    Statistically, you should trim your hair every 3 months but we all know that not all of us are that free. For boys it might be an easy task but for girls you first need to worry about the hair growth. And we all know how much it pains to cut your hair off when you have just begun to love it and lot the length. So if not in 3 months, you can go for 6 months or according to the grown of your hair how does it go about.

  • Use of Right Shampoo and Conditioner ->

    You cannot just go for any random shampoo and conditioner. Also you need to go for the one that suits what your hair and scalp exactly need, like mentioned above. You also need to make sure that you take help from the hair dressers as they will give you the right advice and right product to go for. It is not a hard task though, you can figure it out yourself too.

  • Increase Blood Circulation in your Head ->

    Now this is a very normal and safe exercise that everyone lately has been into and people have found great results out of it. If you want to increase blood circulation in your head, you just to lie upside down for 4 to 7 minutes. For starters your head might hurt but you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard or anything with it.

  • Brush your Hair ->

    Now brushing your hair too often is definitely not good. But whenever you brush, it is advised to brush if after flipping your hair upright. It can also help you with the blood circulation theory. It is a really effective way and it will surely help you solve the knots in your hair.

  • Avoid Brushing your Hair too Often ->

    Now just like how I mentioned above, brushing your hair too often can damage your hair and break your hair. And also, you need to see that you don’t brush your hair more than 3 times a day and always keep it in a pony tail while traveling. It makes sure that you are not keeping your hair in an awkward position. We know that we often get knots in our hair but we can’t keep on brushing it in every few minutes.