Gastro-intestinal disorders

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Gastro-intestinal disorders



Gastro-intestinal disorders or functional disorders are basically those in which the bowel looks normal enough but does not work properly. Which means that it is at times painful and can cause a great amount of stress. They include commonly known disorders such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. These are caused when there is a diet which is lower than fiber or when you don’t get enough exercise. When you are consuming a large amount of dairy products and one of the main reasons why this could happen is also because of stress.


Constipation is the difficult passage of your stools or when it is irregular or infrequent. Which could be anything less than 3 times a week. It is usually caused by a low amount of fiber in the diet or when there are constant changes in a routine diet. Constipation causes a person to apply a lot of pressure during a bowel movement. Which could result in small hard stools and can cause problems such as fissures and hemorrhoids.

Irritable bowel syndrome:

Irritable bowel syndrome, as the name suggests, is quite irritating in nature. It is caused when the colon muscles contract more than they usually should. There are a number of reasons why people could develop IBS which could be certain foods, medicines or emotional stress. Also there are several symptoms of IBS which include abdominal pain and cramps, excess gas, bloating and a change in your stool nature such as harder, looser and more urgent stools than what you would normally expect.

There are certain treatments involved with tacking IBS which could include reducing the amount of caffeine in the system, increasing the quantity of fiber in the diet and avoiding foods which can accentuate the process.

Structural Disorders:

Structural disorders are those in which the bowel looks abnormal and does not work properly. Sometimes the structural abnormality is so severe that it needs to be removed surgically. The most common of these disorders are the ones affecting the anus.


Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that line the anal opening. Which are usually caused by intense pressure from more than usual strain during a bowel movement and as a result of that. They become severe and start to bleed. It can be both internal and external and when they are formed on the skin just on the outside of the anus. They are called as piles.


In conclusion, these functional disorders should be given due attention and should not be treated lightly. This is something that can prove to become more and more severe with age. It should be treated with a decent amount of caution right from the start. These are just some of the disorders associated with the colon and rectum and needs to be given sufficient amount of care. There need to be lifestyle changes that need to be adopted while taking care of your condition and diet changes should be the first step in this direction.