Free Weight Loss Ideas

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Free Weight Loss Ideas

We assume summers to be highly ennui and scorching. It is not the case as summer is very interesting and full of fun with little-bit of change your attitude towards it. What can be better than free weight loss ideas? It is fantastic season that helps us avoid bring eating. Moreover, its heat inspires us to drink a lot fluid such as water or sometimes lemon water or juices we love to drink. It is kind of friend for us who wants us to lose some weight for better fitness and lifestyle.

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Via this article we wish to equip you with some useful facts about summer season that will change your attitude towards and inspire you to lose weight. As summer is here so it is high time for you to gear up and loose that excessive weight right now.

We are going to tell you some ways that you can use for weight loss.

Practice yoga

You should definitely do some yoga everyday to lose weight in summer. Yoga asana such Bandha, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana can help you turn your flabby belly into flat one.

Eat bananas

There is a huge misconception in the mind of people about bananas. People think that bananas increase weight very quickly. It is nothing more than their misconception as bananas trigger weight loss quicker than any other fruit. So you should eat bananas for weight loss. Banana is rich food in terms of nutrition such as carbohydrates, fiber, and energy. Take it within the limits and enjoy the benefits of every 100 gram bananas that offers 90 calories.

The best and fastest way to lose weight quickly is exercise. Doing exercises such as skipping, step ups, dancing, jogging, can be very useful for quick weight loss. There are number of forms of exercise available which help you lose weight. You can do yoga, aerobics, and any other form of exercise. Make sure you do jogging or exercise according to your age and body type for minimum of 30-40 minutes every day.

Clean your house

Do you the two hours you have just spent on cleaning your house to make it look tidy and presentable has just burn your 500 calories? Don’t you think that you have another way to lose your excessive weight?



Walking for weight loss is a very useful exercise. It not only keeps us fit rather it keeps our weight under control also. So next time if you are gong somewhere then prefers to walk rather than using your car.


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Drink Aleovera Juice

Aloevera juice is known for improving your digestion. It is also a great way for weight loss. Laxative compounds such as aloin-emodin and barbaloin for keeping your bowel movements smooth. It also helps treat many other digestive disorders such as like acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, flatulence etc.


Using these free weight loss ideas and you will not only remain fit but will also loose that much coveted extra weight that you have put in.


However, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor before considering these tips for treating any problem you are facing.