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Reinvigorating foods for your body and brain

Description –

To reinvigorate means to give new energy or new strength to something. Our body kind of needs the same thing as well. We tend to get used to our daily routines and we as well get bored and irritated of it.

foods for your body and brain.No everyone is capable of sticking to something very similar and boring. All of us like changes and changes are good when it comes to body treatment. Physically and mentally, both need different kind of exercises and hence we need to add new things every time to our food and habits to our daily routine. Here are some of the different reinvigorating foods for your body and brain:

  • Tomatoes:

    Tomatoes is meant to have good amount of lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant found in the tomatoes which helps you protect against certain kind of free radical damages to cell. Tomatoes are also known to freshen up your mood and are good for your skin as well. They help you out a lot in lot of other ways. You have to increase your intake for tomatoes so you can either add tomatoes to your salad and your other courses or can have tomato soup or juice.

  • Nuts:

    When it comes to things like cashew nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and all the other nuts are high with some sort of nutrients and such other things. The only thing you are supposed to do is pop one once or twice in a day. It plays a good role for converting sugar to energy. They as well have a lot of fiber which helps you keep your blood sugar level even and the protein to stave off the hunger. You can always have a bag of mixed nuts around. They help you stay energized all day and it surly will not ever disappoint you. So for example if you are stuck are some forest and you want to reenergize yourself, this is the best thing to do have nuts because they will get you more of energy and will also get you rid of your thirst and keep you going on.

  • Seeds:

    Seeds of pumpkin or sunflower have a lot of rich mix protein and omega fatty acids and vitamin Bs. Which all is in aid to give you added energy. It also helps you fight anxiety and depression. They help you increase your memory and you’re thinking skills too. You can randomly pop the seeds in your day or night time. They taste good too so there shouldn’t be a problem with that either.

  • Coconut Oil:

    Just like machines, our body as well needs its own kind of oiling. And for that, one of the best oil preferred is coconut oil. Our brain is made up of almost 60% of fats and having low fat food all the time can cause depression and many other such related things. Good healthy fats added to our diet can help us good enough. Saturated fat like of coconut oil can help us in raising good amount of cholesterol level as well as weight loss. In fact it has been helping in prevent brain disorders.

  • Honey:

    Honey is well known as to have the nature that of energy drink. It helps you work on more and more and is also most helpful when it comes to exercises and to replenish muscles to your post workout. You can always have honey with milk, or add a little of it to your ice cream or anything at all. It will help you out with more than in one way. It also helps you cool down your body heat.