The symptoms of a food allergy & treatment

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What are foods Allergies and how does one manage them ?

The symptoms of a food allergy can be extremely unpredictable. You might suffer from mild symptoms at one time and the next time you have an allergic attack, the symptoms might be more severe.


foods Allergies

foods Allergies

Foods Allergies

Food allergies are gradually becoming a nuisance and they affect about 4 to 6 per cent of children and roughly the same amount amongst adults. Food allergy symptoms mostly develop in the early years of one’s life. But it is not consistent with a particular age. They can appear at any time of your life and can also develop against the food that you have been eating for years.

The body’s immune system has been design in such a way that it fights off infections and keeps your body healthy. A food allergy reaction typically occurs when your body reacts negatively to a specific kind of food or a substance in the food. Identifying it as dangerous and thereby triggering a protective response.

It is said that if food allergy runs in the family. It is not necessary that you might get the same allergies. But it is said that a sibling has a peanut allergy. You are most likely to be allergic to peanuts.

One of the most severe allergic reactions is anaphylaxis. This is one of the most dangerous allergic reactions as it causes a dramatic change in your entire body. Which means that it can disrupt your normal breathing process, cause a drop in your blood pressure and affect your heart rate. This type of reaction can prove to be fatal and must be treated immediately with an adrenalin shot. Any food can cause any kind of allergic reaction. However there are some commonly known foods which account for about 90% of all the allergic reactions:

Eggs, Milk, Peanuts, Fish, Shellfish, Wheat, Soy are examples of foods which can trigger these reactions. There are certain seeds like sesame seeds and mustard seeds which can be called food allergy triggers.

How does one diagnose food allergies?

The symptoms can vary from person to person and from attack to attack. So it is difficult to say what symptoms will cause the reactions. However, when you do feel that you are getting any kind of allergic reaction after eating a certain kind of food. The doctor will ask you questions like how much you ate. How long it took for the symptoms to appear ?what kind of symptoms you experienced and how long it lasted ?

Management of these allergies:

The easiest way to manage these allergies is to stop eating the foods that gives it to you in the first place. The government has also made. It mandatory to ensure that the common allergy triggers will be mention on the labels of these products. Contacting proper dieticians and nutritionists will help in this scenario. As all the food that you have stopped consuming needs to be replace by equally nutrient giving foods and a doctor’s advice. In this case is necessary.