Flu Shot Egg Allergy

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Flu Shot Egg Allergy :-

Did you know some flu vaccines contain egg protein and can give you allergy? Read on to find out more for flu shot egg allergy.

Flu Shot Egg Allergy

Flu Shot Egg Allergy

Title: Flu Shot Egg Allergy


Food allergies are a common thing to hear around. They are mainly seen in toddlers and children. Food allergy occurs when the immune system of our body mistakes a harmless food for a virus and fights against it. Foods like nuts, eggs, etc. are known to cause allergies. These allergies go away by themselves as the kids grow up. Also, they are nothing serious normally. But did you know that there are vaccines which could give you an allergy? Seriously, the thing made to keep away health problems is giving you one? Yes, it is true in the case of flu shot egg allergy.

Flu shot and egg allergy :-

Flu shot and egg allergy have been known for long together. Some of the flu vaccines are produced using eggs. So, obviously there is a small amount of egg protein present in them. Some people experience egg allergy when they get a flu shot. That means that they were allergic to eggs even before. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t take flu vaccines. There are flu shots available. Which are not made of eggs and they can be a good choice for people with egg allergy. Egg allergy and flu shot have been associated many times and have been a matter of study and research. Debates on their relation are common. There are equal opinions about whether flu shots can cause allergy or not in food allergic people. Also, common people too associate flu shot with egg allergy whenever their kids need flu vaccines.

Flu shot for egg allergy :-

But we can’t fully blame flu shot for egg allergy too. It has been seen in many cases that people who had egg allergy showed no such allergy or side effects after receiving a flu shot. This show that the allergy caused by flu shot is not due to the presence of egg protein, but there are other factors as well. Studies are still going on this topic and new developments and opinions are heard every now and then and remain in the medical news. But their concern is not negative. As food allergies which are normally harmless can also turn serious and life-threatening in no time. Food allergies can make the child restless, cause rashes and more dangerous symptoms include breathlessness, lack of oxygen, purple skin, unconsciousness, etc.

So it is better to be on the safe side. When you decide to give your kid a flu shot, make sure you ask the doctor to do a skin test or allergy to test to see if your child’s body reacts to it. If not, then well and good and you can proceed with the vaccination. But if allergy shows up, then it is better to ask your doctor to give your kid a flu shot which will not cause allergy to him. Also, in case of an allergy and severe allergy symptoms, don’t wait and rush to an allergy specialist as soon as you can to avoid complications.