Fitness a must for healthy lifestyle

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Fitness for life

Today, fitness is very important to help you have a healthy lifestyle.  Without fitness your body is prone to diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, unfit heart etc which make you face many problems and don’t allow you to work properly.Read below about Fitness for life

Youth of today’s generation have made fitness a very important part of their life. Nowadays, many of them are joining gyms for a muscular body, but along with this also for a fit and strong body. Well we all know that still the percentage of those joining gyms is very less compared to those who love eating and don’t want to work out, well, sorry for being a bit rude here but its true!!! About 78 million Indian adults are obese while 12.5 million children are obese. This shows how unfit our country is. The situation in a developed country like America is even worse.

According to scientific studies it has been found out that individuals who do not take care of themselves are those who are prone to diseases. Thus, doctors recommend that even if you are slim then also you need to work out whether its joining gym or working out at home that’s your choice but working out is a must. And for those who are fat it is necessary for them to start exercising as soon as you can. In the present day, fitness has become so important that we call it Fitness for Life.

Exercises not only help you to have a fit body but also have many benefits which are quite unknown to us. So here basically exercises mean ‘Fitness’.

vegetable exercise woman

vegetable exercise woman

The various benefits of doing exercises and staying fit are as follows:

  • Regular Exercise enhance your Energy:

An individual who exercises daily is the only one who can understand this point. Well, for those who haven’t started working out for them I would say that doing exercise provides more oxygen to your tissues and heart which means your body functions in its best way giving your body more energy.


  • Regular Exercise gives you a better sleep:

In India, one out of ten individual faces the problem of sleep deprivation. A few of them would be facing due to some disease or health issue but most of them face it because of an unhealthy lifestyle with no exercise. Regular exercise helps you to sleep not only faster but also a refreshing one.


  • Regular Exercise fights diseases and health issues:

Doing regular exercise and staying fit helps you keep away from many irritating diseases which affect your body very badly and can be lethal as well like diabetes of level 2, strokes, arthritis, depression and even deadly ones like few types of cancers etc.

Thus, here Fitness for Life means that if you want to enjoy a life free from any diseases and to prevent any disruption in your happy life then I would say “Get up, go for a walk or do Yoga”. This will keep you healthy and energetic.